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Equipment FAQs

AutoCaster™ Continuous Casting Machine FAQ

AutoCaster™ Continuous Casting Machine FAQ

Frequently asked technical questions relating to Gruber's Autocaster™ series of continuous casting systems.

Items Rating Hits
How Does The Resin / Base Color Pump Go Together?   19044
How do I adjust the Catalyst Pressure Sensor?   14573
How Do I Calibrate My Machine?   11726
How Do I Clean My Heat Exchanger?   21477
How do I clear Veining Injector Clogs?   5563
How Do I Control The Resin Temperature On My Autocaster   10043
How Do I Determine the Correct Auger, Pump, and Gearbox sizing   1838
How Do I Determine The Correct Drive Factor?   13690
How Do I Enter a Recipe on the Autocaster RC?   5060
How do I obtain the best vacuum performance with my Vacuum Autocaster? Not yet rated 13381
How do I Recalibrate the Touch on a MP37x Screen   9462
How Do I Repair a Check Valve   11609
How Do I Replace / Adjust The Main Auger?   11118
How do I Replace a 2 Wire Sensor with a 3 or 4 wire Sensor?   17710
How Do I Replace a Siemens Inverter With a Yaskawa Inverter?   6096
How do I replace my Norgren Solenoid with a SMC Solenoid?   5958
How Do I Replace The PLC Battery?   21026
How Do I Resolve Base Color Flow Issues   9446
How do I Retrofit My Old Catalyst Pump to the New Style Pump?   8790
How do I setup the Mixing Auger Variable Speed Adjustment   6868
How do I setup the Resin Pressure Sensor in my Autocaster or Batchmaster?   15045
How Do Improve Base Color Reliability? (Best Practices)   5081
How should I operate the Veining Injectors?   4906
How to Calibrate a Flow Sensor   14178
How to change parameters for the Siemens MM320 Inverter Drive?   5754
Measuring Current on a Siemens G110 Inverter   3801
Measuring the Current on a Siemens MM420 Inverter   3514
Replace the Eaton (Cutler-Hammer) Overload on the RhinoCaster with the Carlo Gavazzi version   1852
Troubleshooting Resin Heating Issues   8912
What Are The Effects Of Using Lightweight Filler With The Machine?   16723
What Are The Signs Of Wear On A Base Color Pump?   9479
What are the signs of wear on a OLFD Base Color Pump   10487
What Do The Recipe Percentages Represent?   16526
What Gear Oil is recommended for the Baldor Gear Boxes?   37120
What should the gap be for the heat exchanger plates?   1078

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