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Protect Your Machine Settings! Print

PLC_Bat314-2The battery in the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) that runs your automated equipment should be changed on a regular basis to prevent setup data from being lost. The PLC's in Gruber equipment, except for the Ultra line of Autocaster casting machines use a battery to prevent the loss of changeable data such as recipe's, totals, calibration factors during times without power.





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Let us design a system to meet your custom process needs. Gruber has extensive experience moving, blending, and metering powders and liquids in both small and large proportions. We can mix small amounts of additives with large amounts of liquid/powder blends, inject color paste, add fiberglass, or challenge us to do something new. Combine this with our simple touch screen user interface options and you have a complete solution custom fit to your needs. Call us with your needs and we will work on a solution.

Heat Exchanger Repair Options for Casting Equipment PDF Print E-mail
Written by Glenn Leithner   
Monday, 17 November 2008 00:00

We currently offer multiple options to assist you in solving problems with failed heat exchangers on AutoCaster™, and BatchMaster™ casting equipment.

  • You can purchase a new heat exchanger, ready for installation.
  • You can rebuild your current heat exchanger by purchasing a set of plates and replacing the existing plates in your exchanger. We offer both new and reconditioned plates.
  • You can exchange your entire heat exchanger with a freshly rebuilt heat exchanger. We offer a program where you purchase a rebuilt exchanger (plus deposit) and you return your failed exchanger to have the deposit credited back.
  • You can send your complete heat exchanger to Gruber Systems for us to refurbish and return. This gives you your own unit back – lead time on this option is longest.
You can see how to disassemble and reassemble an exchanger in the FAQ "How Do I Clean My Heat Exchanger?"
Last Updated on Wednesday, 25 March 2009 20:20
The Effects of Using Lightweight Filler PDF Print E-mail
Written by Glenn Leithner   
Tuesday, 04 November 2008 23:04
When using lightweight fillers you will see that you run at a higher resin percentage. You will also seem to have a lower maximum output. The appearance of this is a little misleading, here is why. For the purpose of demonstrating the effects we'll us an AutoCaster but the same symptoms are experienced using other methods. The Autocaster displays and measures material in pounds but now your using a material that is lighter giving less weight at the same volume. With the overall weight being lighter for the same volume the percentage of total weight that is resin will be higher even if the same amount of resin by volume is used. The fact that the material is lighter also means that your max output although it's the same amount in volume is now less in weight (Lbs/Min).
Last Updated on Monday, 17 November 2008 11:52
Exciting Upgrades Now Available for Autocaster RC PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jim Thiessen   
Wednesday, 15 November 2006 19:12

GruberTech has made quite a few changes to the Autocaster™, Gruber's automated casting machine, over the past year. We've not only made numerous mechanical changes, but have made a significant change in the control system as well. We have converted the operator interface on the Autocaster ™ to a ultra screen12"color touch screen, drastically simplifying its use by your plant personnel. Although there are still a few mechanical buttons to push, most of the controls are now on the screen, making them easier to understand and activate as necessary. In addition, we've converted to an exciting new software program that is more operator-friendly. Even more importantly, however, is that the new interface allows for remote viewing. With the full Ethernet option, the information shown on the control panel can be accessed from any screen by simply connecting to the Internet.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 05 May 2009 17:39
Watch the Weather! Print

Click For ForecastIn many areas the weather is starting to cool down often causing problems resulting in service calls such as:

  • I keep getting over-pressure alarms
  • When I start the machine I get about a pound of resin and it shuts down.
  • I keep getting dry mix especially in the morning requiring me to increase my resin percentage.
  • Lately the machine has been running with a much higher resin percentage to get the right mix.
  • My usage totals don't match my inventory records.

Alarms and shutdowns are often caused by the resin pressure being higher and tripping the pressure sensor. Requiring adjustment the pressure sensing device, taking care not to over adjust allowing extreme pressures caused by blockages or heater corrosion to go unnoticed.

As for the other problems, with the colder resin temperatures the increased viscosity of the resin can cause the pumps to deliver less resin per revolution than when warmer. To solve these issues try to keep the resin as temperature controlled as possible and run the calibration procedure for your machine to record the current actual performance values allowing the machine to accurately calculate usage and delivery.
Air Puffers Available! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jim Thiessen   
Tuesday, 13 June 2006 19:27

For those fillers that vibration tends to pack rather than move, we now offer an air pad vibration system. This system fluidizes the filler material by repeatedly applying short bursts of air in strategic locations breaking up compacted filler allowing free flow. This system is available for the filler metering hoppers and ground hoppers.

Last Updated on Monday, 17 November 2008 11:54