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Four file upload windows are available below. If you have more than four files to upload, you should process the first four, then return to this screen to complete the remainder of the files. If you have more than four files, an even better approach would be to ZIP up the files up using WinZip, WinRAR or some other file compression utility to generate a single .zip or .rar file. If you do, please state what program you used to zip the files in the area provided above.

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READ THIS! Uploading files, especially large files, can take a long time. After you press the UPLOAD button, your system will appear to be doing nothing. However, on the bottom right footer of your browser should show a status window, which will tell you how the upload is progressing. At first it will do nothing, then after a moment or two, it should start to turn green. WHEN THE FILE UPLOAD IS COMPLETE, you will receive a NOTICE stating the upload was a success. If for some reason you see "File Upload Failure", take note of the message it provides along with that notice.

Once finished the page will refresh and Gruber personnel will be notified that the file is available.

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