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Air Spray Equipment Print

Spray equipment and consumable supplies include:


Air Powered Gelcoat/Resin Spray Gun - with 6” Tip

Model 100-6

For all Gelcoat and Spray Granite applications.
Complete with FN6 nozzle, lid, plastic cup, nozzle brush, paper cup, cup liner, micron gauge & instructions. This professional grade sprayer is a must for every fiberglass, composite and cultured marble shop. This gun is used for spraying not only gelcoat and resins, but other materials such as parting films, spray gypsum, tooling gelcoats, sand able primers, granite enhanced gelcoats, adhesives and paints. With our largest nozzle, it will even sand blast. The easy to clean design means clean up times less than five minutes. Wipe the lid and nozzle, through away the cup, and you’re ready to go again. We have also designed the gun to work with standard paper cups (Sweetheart P4325 & Solo 320).

Model 100 Cup Gun (w/#6 tip) (G300-001) - #G100


Fluid Nozzles

FN-3 - 3/32” (2.4 mm) Fluid Nozzle - #G200-3
FN-6 - 3/16” (4.8 mm) - #G200-6
FN-8 - 1/4” (6.2 mm) - #G200-8
FN-9 - 9/32” (7.1 mm) - #G200-9
Fluid Nozzle “O” Ring (1 Req.) - #G200-009A


Spray Equipment Supplies:


Replacement Parts - Model 100 Spray Gun

Replacement Tips (#4/#5/#6)- Set/3 - #G1001
100-4 Air Nozzle Assembly (w/ O-Rings) - #G100-4
O-Ring - #G200-002B
Flow Control (Needle Valve Assembly) - #G200-014
Model 100 - “O” Ring Rebuild Kit* - #G200-016
Trigger Assembly V/O Rings - #G100-7
Trigger/Needle Valve Body “O” Ring - #G300-002A
Trigger/Needle Valve Body “O” Ring - #G300-002A
Trigger Valve Upper Body “O” Ring - #G300-002B
Trigger Valve Stem “O” Ring - #G300-003A
Air Nozzle Assembly (with ”O” Rings) - #G300-004
Air Nozzle “O” Ring - #G300-005A
Lock Screw “O” Ring - #G300-006A
Lock Screw Assembly W/ “O” Ring - #G300-007
Pull Ring Spring - #G300-012
Pull Ring Spring Assembly - #G300-013
Needle Valve Assembly - #G300-014
Needle Valve Stem “O” Ring - #G300-015A
“O” Ring Rebuild Kit (for G100-gun) - #G300-016
Disposable Spray Gun Cups
Disposable 32 oz. Sweetheart Cups are designed to fit the ES-100

Cup Gun and are coated for Gel-Coat spraying operations.

Paper cups - 32 oz unwaxed** - Sleeve/25 - #G200
Paper cups - 32 oz lined** - Case of 500 - #G2001
Plastic Liner For Reusable Cups Pk/100 - #G300-011-BAG
Polycup For Model 100 Gun - #G200P
Cast Aluminum Cup Lid - #G300-010-3
Cup Lid Assembly (Aluminum) - #G200010
Graduated Heavy Duty Plastic Cup - #G300-011HD
* 2-2A, 2-3A, 2-5A, 1-6A, 3-9A and 1-15A
** Fits Models 100/200/300 spray guns


Stir Sticks

Useful for many shop uses - including mixing gelcoat or pigment, spread adhesive, etc.
Box of 1000.
Order No. 020261


Catalyst Dispenser Squeeze Bottles

Order No. 020070