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Brocom “Designer Marble” Pigments Print
Gruber offers high quality Brocom Designer Marble color pigments, specifically designed for use with cultured marble and solid surface applications.

BroCom's key technical people have over fifty years experience in blending and formulating pigments for plastic resin compounds. They are specialists in manufacturing dry powder colors for Cultured Marble and Brocom has produced millions of pounds of dry pigment for that one application alone.  Brocom starts with the best raw pigments available, and they test them constantly for heat and light stability, toxicity and purity. Brocom's pigments are prepackaged in airtight, factory sealed, five pound and one pound cartons.  Brocom does not use lead pigments.

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  • Engineered specifically for cultured marble and solid surface
  • Formulated so they can be stored almost indefinitely
  • Custom color matching is available at no charge
  • Ready to use - no formulating or adjusting
  • Produced without toxic pigments such as lead and cadmium
  • Factory sealed in 5 lb boxes
  • Call for other sizes or colors
Ordering Codes: Brocom pigments are offered:
  • ATH = Aluminum Tri-Hydrate (for Solid Surface);
  • A = Calcium Carbonate based (for Cultured Marble)

Brocom pigments are offered in 5 lb (2.267kg) boxes

Aluminum Tri-Hydrate
(ATH) Order No.
Calcium Carbonate
(A) Order No.

Brocom Pigments - for Kohler

Kohler Almond ATH1424-5 A408-5
Kohler Almond Beige ATH3167-5 A1138-5
Kohler Antique Red CALL! A514-5
Kohler Aspen Green ATH2662-5 A609-5
Kohler Biscuit ATH2038-5 A2006-5
Kohler Black CALL! A306-5
Kohler Cerulean Blue CALL! A217-5
Kohler Chamois ATH1436-5 CALL!
Kohler Cobalt Blue ATH2242-5 A1251-5
Kohler Country Gray CALL! A311-5
Kohler Designer Black ATH1358-5 CALL!
Kohler Dresden Blue ATH2219-5 CALL!
Kohler Expresso ATH3162-5 A119-5
Kohler Harvest Gold ATH1445-5 A418-5
Kohler Heron Blue CALL! A220-5
Kohler Ice Gray CALL! A1314-5
Kohler Innocent Blush ATH3531-5 A517-5
Kohler Jersey Cream CALL! A426-5
Kohler Mexican Sand CALL! A112-5
Kohler Navy CALL! A218-5
Kohler Navy ‘90 CALL! A1234-5
Kohler Parchment ATH3151-5 A107-5
Kohler Raspberry Puree CALL! A511-5
Kohler Sandbar ATH5181-5 CALL!
Kohler Sea Foam Green CALL! A638-5
Kohler Sequoia ATH3154-5 CALL!
Kohler Swiss Chocolate ATH3156-5 A118-5
Kohler Taupe ATH3149-5 A101-5
Kohler Teal CALL! A645-5
Kohler Terra Nueva ATH3116-5 CALL!
Kohler Thunder Gray ATH1373-5 CALL!
Kohler Vermont Blue CALL! A1210-5
Kohler Wild Rose ATH3563-5 A500-5

Brocom Pigments - for Eljer

Eljer Almond CALL! A121-5
Eljer Dusty Rose CALL! A519-5
Eljer Golden Wheat ATH1443-5 CALL!
Eljer Island Sea ATH2243-5 CALL!
Eljer Natural ATH2191-5 CALL!
Eljer Peach Bisque CALL! A518-5
Eljer Ruby ‘99 ATH6509-5 CALL!
Eljer Sage ATH2658-5 CALL!
Eljer Sandlewood ATH2179-5 A125-5
Eljer Silk ATH3030-5 CALL!

Brocom Pigments - for American Standard

Am Std Euro White ATH2072-5 CALL!
Am Std Fawn Beige ATH3173-5 CALL!
Am Std Light Mink ATH2184-5 A1166-5
Am Std Linen ATH4144-5 CALL!
Am Std Loganberry ATH4530-5 CALL!
Am Std Persian Brown ATH3160-5 CALL!
Am Std Rain Forest ATH2660-5 CALL!
Am Std Regency Blue ATH2206-5 CALL!
Am Std Rhapsody Blue ATH2245-5 CALL!
Am Std Shell Whisper ATH3579-5 A528-5
Am Std Sterling Silver ATH1361-5 A309-5
Am Std Warm White ATH2068-5 CALL!

Brocom Pigments - for U-R

U-R Crème CALL! A410-5
U-R Mushroom CALL! A1014-5
U-R Rose Dawn CALL! A501-5
U-R Silver Gray ATH1350-5 CALL!

Brocom Pigments - for Formica

Custom Agean Mist CALL! A1666-5
Custom Almond CALL! A1157-5
Custom Beige ATH3480-5 CALL!
Custom Country Gray CALL! A1323-5
Custom Dark Bone ATH5186-5 CALL!
Custom Dark Evergreen CALL! A1687-5
Custom Deep Green CALL! A1689-5
Custom Gold ATH1472-5 CALL!
Custom Seagreen ATH3650-5 CALL!
Custom Sterling Silver CALL! A1322-5
Custom Violet ATH7586-5 CALL!
Formica Antique White CALL! A1059-5

Brocom Pigments - for Wilsonart

Wilsonart Antique White CALL! A2040-5
Wilsonart Beige (1530-6) CALL! A1155-5
Wilsonart Bermuda ATH3226-5 CALL!
Wilsonart Peach CALL! A1532-5

Brocom Pigments - for Welbourne

Welbourne Champagne CALL! A1403-5



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