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Granatex solid surface filler products are now
Marshall Gruber Company product.

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These products continue to be available
from Gruber Systems as well.
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Personal Protective Gear Print

Gruber offers a number of protective gear products:


Latex Gloves

Heavy Duty Latex Gloves

12 dozen (144) per case.
Large - #000198-L


Disposable Latex Gloves

Disposable/single-use. Pre-powdered, natural latex. Non-sterile, Ambidextrous.
Order Information
Large - #002000-L
Medium - #002000-M




Disposable Aprons

100/Box - #01014



Respirators & Masks

Particulate Respirator
Medium/Large - Moldex N95 - 20/Box - #990031
Molded Contour Cup Face Mask
Maytex. Aluminum Nose Guard. Exceeds 95% bacteria filtration efficiency. 50/Box.
Order Information
Molded Contour Cup Face Mask - 50/Box - #010142
Particle/Dust Mask - Box/30 - #990029R


Cotton Wipes


Cotton Knit Wipe

Order Information
Cotton Knit Wipes - 5 Lb Box - #010649W


Cotton Blend Wipe

Cotton wipes are made of a special lint-free fiber construction that is both durable and yet disposable. They are great for waxing molds and for general clean-up.
Order Information
Cotton Blend Wipe - 25 lb Box - 010138