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Gruber offers a variety of high quality professional clamping systems for casting, fabrication or installation requirements. Useful for cultured marble, solid surface and other cast polymer manufacturing or fabrication needs.


g-Clampside450Heavy-Duty Gee Mold Clamps (aka G Clamp)

Gee Clamps are an extremely durable, reusable clamp that holds the backsplash door in placed during the casting process. Included as standard equipment with all Gruber Systems cove-back molds. They are also used to secure bathtub females and shower pan insert molds. Heavy duty Gee Clamps are compatible with all Gruber Systems tubs, shower bases, and modular and custom vanity molds.

They deliver 25% more clamping force due to the stronger and wider spacing. At 1/2″ deflection, the new “Gee” Clamp generates 375 lbs of pressure pre inch. The Gee Clamp is larger, for added strength and handling ease. They are easier to apply and to remove due to the longer handle, for added leverage. Affordable Gee Clamps are roughly half the price of a standard “C” Clamp!


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Gee Clamps – Ea – #103615


t-handle bolts mold clamp mold accessoryT-Handle Bolts

T-Handle Bolts are available as standard equipment on all Gruber drop-in bowl molds. These heavy steel "T-Handles" are ideally suited for bolting together the male and female components of any Gruber modular Vanity mold having a "full-cover" female and equipped with Gruber's clamping system. Not only do "T-Handles" make bolting the male and female mold components together an easy task, but they can also serve as handles for lifting or moving the assembled mold. Catalog No. 01191

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Jorgensen Clamps

Available in 4 lengths:
6" Clamp (in stock) - #191910
12" Clamp (in stock) - #191911
30" Clamp (not always stocked - contact us for availability) - #191912
36" Clamp (not always stocked - contact us for availability) - #191913

adjustable wood clamps

Adjustable Wood Clamps

6" Clamp (in stock) - #191909*
Not always in stock. Subject to availability.




Spring Clamps

These "pinch" spring clamps are a basic necessity throughout the cultured marble or solid surface shop and during installation in the field.

2" Spring Clamp - #191894
3" Spring Clamp - #191923