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Gruber RJM-300

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Mold Sealer

GruberCare Sealer is a low viscosity emulsion of polyethylene resins, synthetic and organic waxes formulated to seal the surface of new or rejuvenated fiberglass molds. The protective high-luster achieved prepares the mold to accept GruberCare Release or Indicated Wax.

GruberCare Sealer should always be used after any repair, abrasive compound buffing, or solvent stripping of mold surfaces prior to application of Mold Release Wax. The Sealer is also an excellent final glaze for finished cultured marble parts.


Description/Order Number

128 oz bottle (Each) - #010626
Case of four (4) 128 oz bottle - #010625

Note: 32 oz can (PN 010628) is no longer available.