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GruberCare Mold Release Wax Print


GruberCare Release Wax is a blend of high-melting point waxes formulated for the Cultured Marble industry and other applications, and is particularly well suited for demolding requirements of today’s modern fiberglass molds from Gruber and others. The wax is easy to apply and provides a high-gloss with low surface tension for superior release with maximum mold protection.

GruberCare Mold Release Wax contain a blend of synthetic waxes which reduce the quality fluctuations that are found in natural organic waxes, such as carnauba. Synthetic waxes used have high melt points and proper hardness to get the desired properties of film developed on the molds. The resulting film has high gloss and intensive wear resistance under the high or low temperature molding conditions. This assures the easy release.

Typical Product Characteristics:

Weight: 412 Grams per can
Flash Point: 98 ºF
Shelf Life: 1 year from date of shipment
Color: Yellow Paste Wax
V.O.C.: 356.06 Grams per liter

Order Information
15 oz Can - 010630
15 oz Can - Case/12 - #010629


Note: Detailed instructions are available here

  1. Apply a smooth, even coat of wax to the entire mold surface in an overlapping, circular pattern to insure complete coverage.
  2. Allow apprximately 30 minutes (depending on temperature and humidity) for wax to dry.
  3. Wipe mold and hand buff to a luster with a clean, soft dry cloth.


  1. For the first three castings, apply and hand polish five successive coats of wax as described above, using a criss-crossing pattern.
  2. Allow to set a minimum of one hour after the last coat.
  3. Wipe with a soft, clean dry cloth. Spray prepared mold with GruberCare PVA in accordance with PVA instructions and allow to dry.
  4. Spray gel coat and cast part.
  5. After the mold break-in procedure, one coat of Mold Release Wax is recommended (periodic use of GruberCare Interphase Wax is recommended for extended mold service).