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GruberCare Flange Wax Print

GruberCare Flange Wax mold release agent

GruberCare Flange Wax is a blend of tough, low luster waxes formulated for use on flanges, mold boxes, backsplash doors, hinges, and female hats or any spot where easy release of marble matrix is more important than the finish obtained. When properly applied, flange wax will simplify mold clean-up, minimize repairs and extens mold life.


Apply at least three coats of Flange Wax to desired areas, as well as teh inside and outside surface of female molds. Allow each coat of Flange Wax to dry, but do not wipe wax off between applications. This will allow the wax to "build-up", and provide for multiple release. Periodically, apply additional Flange Wax to assure continued release of matrix.

Notice: Grubercare Flange Wax 010618 (in cases of 4) and Flange wax 5 gal. 010645 are now classified as Flammable Solid:
  • UN 1325
  • CLASS 4.1
  • PG III
Order Information
108 oz can - #010618
108 oz can - Case of 4 - #010617
5 Gal (Slurry Wax equivalent) Pail - Ea - #010645