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GruberCare MR WetStrip Mold Cleaning System Print
WetStrip replaces the use of harsh solvent cleaning after new mold building or maintenance processes. Designed for thorough cleaning of all mold finishing compounds, including wax based release systems, and substantial removal of polymer based release systems. Excellent for surface preparation prior to application of polymer or waxed based releases. This product is not designed for dissolving styrene buildup, green wax crystallization or other process contamination.

• Ecological - all water based, biodegradable.
• Labor saving - cleans faster than solvent wiping.
• More effective - better porosity cleansing of polishing compounds.

This product may be purchased as a Kit containing both WetStrip Cleaner and WetStrip Rinse, or individually:

GruberCare WetStrip Kit

Kit includes 1 gallon WetStrip Cleaner, 1 gallon WetStrip Rinse, 2 empty spray bottles, and 1 brush.

Order Information:
Kit - Ea - #MR0600
Bottles - Ea - #MR0602
Brush - Ea - #MR0603

Individual components may be ordered separately:


GruberCare WetStrip Cleaner

MR0405-smCleaner only. Kit includes 1 gallon wet/strip cleaner, 1 gallon wet/strip rinse, 2 empty spray bottles, and 1 brush.

Order Information:

Gallon - #MR0404

Case of four (4) 1 Gallon Bottles  - #MR0405

55 Gal Drum - #MR0408




GruberCare WetStrip Rinse

MR0504-smRinse only. Water-based stripper for mold releases. Use Wetstrip Rinse to neutralize remaining film after treatment with MR Wet Strip Cleaner prior to recoating with any release product.

Order Information:

Gallon - Can - #MR0504

Case of four (4) 1 Gallon Bottles - #MR0505

55 Gal Drum - #MR0508




Related Accessories

Order Information

Replacement Brush (Ea) - #MR0603



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