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GruberCare MR Solvent Cleaner Print


Another MR Series Polymer Release Agent

This product is intended to be used to clean residues left behind by clays and waxes used during the curing processes. The oily type residue left after exotherm will contribute to streaking and hazinc of the mold surface. This solvent is intended to remove these type of residues, while not removing all of the release agent polymer.

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Contains Petroleum Distallates.
Read the MSDS before use.

NOTICE: This product is not to be supplied, sold or offered for sale within the State of California, and especially not within the jurisdiction of the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD).


Description/Order Number
Quart - Case of 10 - #MR0803
Gallon Can - #MR0804
5 Liter Can - Case of 4 - #MR0805


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