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GruberCare 210-GC Stripper Print
grubercare 210GC StripperGruberCare Stripper is a liquid blend of mild solvents and a high-melting point wax designed to dissolve and assist in the removal of wax build-up, overspray and buffing compound residuals. The trace of high-melting-point wax assures that the mold surface is never completely stripped to the "dry or etched" condition that commonly occurs with acetone, Methylene Chloride or Ethyl Acetate. It also eliminates mold streaking that occurs with other strippers.

Description/Order Number
128 oz Can - #010660
Case of four (4) 128 oz Cans - #010659

Note: 32 oz can size (PN 010658 and 010657) are no longer available.