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PVA Concentrate Print
  • pva concentrate mold releaseProtect mold surfaces during casting
  • Protect molds
  • Mold release
  • Used for mold break-in

A non-flammable product formulated to Gruber specifications for the cultured marble industry's use to protect molds during the mold break-in process. PVA may also be required when molding to irregular surfaces or other conditions requiring additional protection during casting.

Instructions for Use:

GruberCare PVA Concentrate should be blended thoroughly with ISOPROPYL alcohol in an appropriate safety container on a 1 to 1 mix ratio. If blend is not used immediately the container should be appropriately labeled as flammable. Using low pressure spray (40-50 psi) fog coat over entire mold surface (be sure waxed surface is completely dry), and allow to dry. Cross spray a fog coat for fill-in, allow to dry. Then spray a flow coat for uniformity of coating and assurance of coverage. Coating is only removed by water, and can be washed off or blown off with air. Insure PVA is completely dry prior to gel coating.

Note: Not intended for use where isopropyl alcohol use is not permitted. Check your local regulations.

Order Information
PVA Concentrate - 64 oz bottle (each) - #010634
PVA Concentrate - Case of 6 64 oz bottles - #010633