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GruberCare™ MR Hi-Tec Print

Polymer Release Agent

For special applications where rapid curing, high gloss and slip properties are required. Excellent for metallic molds or molds of high surface porosity such as modular molds or molds of integral shape. Purposefully formulated for use a a mold release agent for rotational molding and phenolic resin molding. It is also designed to release epoxy, polyester, vinyl ester, phenolic and other thermosetting resins. Provides a durable film capable of giving many releases per application and will not contaminate the released surface.

Order Information
Quart Can- #MR0302
Quart Can - Case/10 - #MR0303
Gallon Can - #MR0304
Gallon Can - Case/4 - #MR0305

Note: 1 pint can (MR0300)  and 1 pint squeeze bottle (MR0601-3) are no longer stocked, and limited to stock on hand.