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GruberCare MR 2-IN-1 Print

Polymer Release Agent

GruberCare MR 2-in-1 Mold Release Agent

GruberCare 2-IN-1 Combination Time Saver is a high solids, high slip semi-permanent polymer release product. Its function is to save time both in establishing the release foundation and effectively maintaining that foundation during the production life of the tool. Since the inception of semi permanent release technology, it has been customary to first apply several coats of Sealer, each requiring 15 minutes to cure, before applying several coats of Top Coat Release and again waiting for each to cure for 15 minutes. This has been true for both MR 2 in 1 and other semi permanent systems as well. Some industries may find this standard to perform best, however, most will find they can apply the same foundation for their needs in only three coats of MR 2 in 1. This should reduce the time spent in preparing a new tool by half. Most tools should take no more than 60 minutes to make ready for production.



Technical Characteristics
Specific Gravity:
6.51 lbs. per gallon approx.
Odor: Mild
Physical Appearance: Colorless
Flash Point: 82ºF and above
Coverage: Approximately 800-1000 sq. ft. per gallon
Solvent Mixture:
Mixture of Aliphatic Hydrocarbons

Application Procedure

  1. Prepare mold accordingly with instructions for MR Solvent (Step 1), MR Cleaner (Step 2) and MR Rinse (Step 3) products (Note - MR Cleaner and MR Rinse are part of the MR WetStrip MR Mold Cleaning System)

  2. Wet a small cotton cloth lightly with MR 2-IN-1.

  3. Apply to a small area about 3’x3’ with a back and forth hand motion. While area is still moist, return over the same area at right angles to your first motion. This insures complete coverage and smooths out the wetness of the coat. The coating should be left smooth and moist before moving on to a new area of the mold. No post wiping is necessary with MR 2-IN-1. Any irregularities disappear with the following application. Apply 3-4 coats of MR 2 in 1. One or two extra coats may be applied if the mold is new or over newly repaired areas.

TIP: If the last coat is applied a bit wetter and then wiped over ONCE with a large, clean and dry cotton cloth, final cosmetics will be perfect without extra attention. Allow 15 minutes to cure.


Description/Order Number
Gallon - Can - #MR0904
Gallon - Case of 4 - #MR0905