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GruberCare™ Stripper Print


Polymer Release Agent Remover

GruberCare™ Stripper is a liquid blend of mild solvents and a high melting-point wax designed to dissolve and assist in the removal of wax build-up, overspray and buffing compound residuals. The trace of high melting-point wax assures that the mold surface is never completely stripped to the "dry" or "etched" condition that commonly occurs with acetone, Methylene Chloride or Ethyl Acetate. Its also eliminates mold streaking that occurs with other strippers.

Available in 128 oz Can, or a Case of 4 128 oz cans.

Note: for stripping of polymer surfaces, see the MR (Multiple Mold Release) products.

Order Information
128 oz Can, Each - #010614
128 oz Can, Case/4 - #010613

Harmful or fatal if swallowed. Keep out of reach of children. Contains petroleum distillates. Avoid prolonged contact with skin or breathing of vapor. If accidentally swallowed, call a doctor. Do not induce vomiting.


Combustible liquid. Keep away from heat or open flame.

READ MSDS BEFORE USE. View/Download MSDS here.

Instructions for use:

  1. Apply Stripper liberally and hand agitate over the entire mold surface to loosen residual debris and dulling wax build-up.
  2. While still wet, wipe with clean cloth to remove residue.
  3. Continue to apply additional Stripper and wipe while wet until original mold brightness is restored.
  4. Allow to dry and hand buff to luster.
  5. Follow with GruberCare Sealer and Release/Indicated Wax application  before returning mold to service.