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Polymer Release Agent

Step 5A of the GruberCare Semi-Permanent Mold Release System

Grubercare MR GP (Step 5A) is a multi-release polymer topcoat applied over the MR Sealer. MR GP is formulated for multiple high gloss moldings of thermosetting resins.

GruberCare™ MR GP is a multi-release system yielding high gloss moldings. GruberCare™ MR GP is designed to release gel-coated glass reinforced polyester or vinyl ester parts from gel-coated molds. Purposely formulated for reinforced polyester resins or high gloss moldings using gelcoats and increased temperature performance. GruberCare MR GP is an advanced polymeric resin in a non-chlorinated organic solvent blend. GruberCare™ MR GP is ideally suited for high gloss applications. The product is quick and easy to apply and produces a high gloss durable finish capable of giving many releases before reapplication is necessary.

Product Benefits:

• Easy application
• Non contaminating
• Non-chlorinated, Ecologically friendly solvents
• Low odor
• Minimal mold build-up
• Superior gloss retention
• Durable; provides multiple releases per application


MR GP - Technical Characteristics

Specific Gravity:
6.51 lbs. per gallon approx.
Physical Appearance:
Flash Point:
82ºF and above
Approximately 800-1000 sq. ft. per gallon
Solvent Mixture:
Mixture of Aliphatic Hydrocarbons

Application Instructions:

  1. Remove any dust that may have accumulated on the mold.
  2. Wet a small, clean cotton cloth liberally with MR GP. Apply evenly to large areas of the mold.  Allow the mold to remain wet at least 20-30 seconds or until the wet film begins to dry and separate.
  3. Then, with a large, clean, dry cotton cloth, wipe over the applied area ONCE.  This smooths over the application and leaves a thin, moist coating.  Do not continue wiping until the surface is dry.
  4. Continue in the same manner until the entire mold has been coated.  Allow each coat to cure at least 15 minutes before applying the next coat.
  5. Apply 3 coats of MR GP to refurbished tooling.  Extra coats may be applied if tooling is new or over areas which have been newly repaired.
  6. For optimum performance, allow MR GP to cure for 1 hour after applying the final coat.


Order Information

Quart Can - Ea - #MR0202
Quart - Can - Case of 10 - #MR0203
Gallon - Ea - #MR0204
Gallon - Case of 4 - #MR0205
Squeeze Bottle - 1 Pint - #MR0601-2  (Note: limited availability - CALL)


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