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Gruber RJM-300

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Reusable Overflow Stems Print


Reuseable Overflow Stems include:

Round StemsOval StemsOval to Round Adaptor Stems


These reusable overflow stem products create a overflow hole in the casting of a cultured marble or solid surface lavatory vanity bowl, and are removed after casting.






Reusable Round Overflow Stem

The new round stem is angled 90° for easy insertion, so that round tubing can be attached without crimping. Creates a cleaner, more attractive outlet that is easier to finish, and eliminate the need to redrill when adding a round beauty ring.

Round Overflow Stem - Ea - #001015


Reusable Oval Overflow Stem

The oval stem was designed to fit Gruber’s Oval Overflow Pipe and Oval Beauty Rings.  It is easily removed for reuse and eliminates costly refinishing of the overflow hole.

Oval Overflow Stem - Ea - #01124


Reusable Oval-To-Round Adapter Stem

The adaptor stem allows manufacturers to connect round overflow tubing to a mold with an oval overflow hole already cut.

Adaptor Stem - Ea - #001017