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Granatex solid surface filler products are now
Marshall Gruber Company product.

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These products continue to be available
from Gruber Systems as well.
Polycollars Print


Three types:

  • Round
  • Oval
  • No Overflow

Polycollars are available either Trimmed, or Untrimmed. Trimmed polycollars have the top cut off, and untrimmed polycollars are not trimmed. See image at right.



Round Overflow Polycollars

The slim round polycollar used in combination with Gruber’s 1/2” tubing and round reusable stem provides an economical overflow system. Round 3-step polycollar shown at right.


# of Steps Qty Per Box Order No.
RoundTrimmed1Step250 1-Step 100/box #001014G
1-Step 500/box #001014-5G
Round-Trimmed2Step250 2-Step 100/box #00103G
2-Step 500/box #00103-5G
Round-trimmed3Step250 3-Step 100/box #00101G
3-Step 500/box #00101-5G


# of Steps Qty Per Box Order No.
RoundUntrimmed1Step250 1-Step 100/box #001013G
1-Step 500/box #001013-5G
Round-untrimmed2Step250 2-Step 100/box #001011G
2-Step 500/box #001011-5G
Rounduntrimmed3step250 3-Step 100/box #00102G
3-Step 500/box #00102-5G

No Overflow Polycollars

Trimmed version shown at right.

Order Information -
Trimmed, No Overflow
100 per box - #00108G
500 per box - #00108-5G
Order Information -
Untrimmed, No Overflow
100 per box - #00106G
500 per box - #00106-5G

Oval Overflow Polycollars:

oval-overflow-polycollar350Use with our polydome or drain boss, oval overflow pipe, and oval reusable stem. The new slim style improves resistance to themal shock, makes gelcoating application easier, and speeds production. Trimmed version shown at right.
Order Information -
Trimmed Oval Overflow
100 per box - #00104G
500 per box - #00104-5G
Order Information -
Untrimmed Oval Overflow
100 per box - #00105G
Untrimmed - 500 per box - #00105-5G