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Gruber Buffing Bricks Print

Surface Finishing Compounds for  • Marine  • Consumer Composites  • Transportation  • Windmill Blades  • Aircraft

BuffBricks325Buffing Bricks are an all-purpose fine abrasive compound that is ideal for everything from buffing minor scuffs and scratches on mold surfaces to polishing of finished parts. Use on molds after final sanding. Product is
a unique wet/sharp silica-based compound. Formulated in a dry, brick-like form, buffing bricks are sold separately in two separate box quantities, or per pound in drum.

  • Sold individually, per box, or per pound (see order information below)
  • Quantity pricing is available - call for details.
Description/Order Number
Individual (1 brick) - #01015
10/Box - #010151
Drum/sold per lb - #010152*
* Note: Bulk quantities of Gruber Buffing Bricks are available. A full barrel is approximately 460 lbs of material. Minimum per pound quantity is 2.5 lbs. Average weight per brick is approximately 2.5 lb.


Guidelines for Using Gruber Buffing Bricks

• QuickCut will remove oxidation, minor imperfections and scratches. The condition of the surface determines which of the compounds to use. Best results can be achieved when applying compound with a twisted, 50/50 blend buffing bonnet/pad.
• More compound on the buff is not better. Too much, and the compound will be counter productive, and cloudy. When applying compound, periodically use a rake to remove excess compound from the buffing pad.

Application Instructions
Superior Results in Two Easy Steps:
1. Grip firmly. Hold against the rotating buffing pad and allow the friction to melt compound. RPM’s: 1325 - 1750 on angle buffer. Apply sparingly and re-apply as needed.
2. Take buffing pad with melted compound directly to the surface or part. Any residue can be wiped off with a soft,clean cloth.

Mold Maintenance
• Strip release waxes
• Sand to 600 Grit
• Buff with Buffing Brick
• Clean mold
• Re-seal mold
• Re-wax mold

Important to Note: When using Surface Finishing Compounds:
• Hold compound firmly when applying compound to buffing pad
• Always wear safety glasses
• Always wear dust masks

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