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10" x 10" Etched Diamond Tile Panel Molds Print

newCreate custom wall panels that mimic the look and feel of a tile installation - but without the water leakage associated with traditional tile and grout installations.

Key Features:

  • 10” x 10” etched tiles with 1/4” simulated grout
  • 3.25 x 7” tile border on three sides
  • Trim flange on three sides


  • Master or secondary bath
  • Kitchen/dining areas, wet rooms, entries, hallways
  • Residential or commercial
  • Perfect for both new home construction or remodels


  • Etched for realistic tile look.
  • Tile look without the tile disadvantages
  • Greatly reduces the chances of leakage often found in tile installations.
  • Extremely diverse range of materials, color, veined or textured treatment options.
  • Trim flange on three sides to simplify fitting of panels.
  • Large 60” x 96” back panel and complimentary two-cavity side panels for fast production.

These smooth tile and simulated grout wall panels are etched for a unique surface finish and realistic grout lines. These solid panels provide a key benefit compared to tile and grout - by dramatically reducing the potential for leakage, water damage, or mold often associated with tile and grout installations.

Two complimentary molds:


60" x 96" Back Panel (Single-Cavity)
PN 22896

View/Download Spec Sheet


36 x 96" Side Panel (2-Cavity)
PN 22779

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These panels are perfect for any location where tile might be found - the bathroom, shower/bath surrouds, bathroom walls, kitchen walls, commercial locations, and other areas - and are suitable for both new home or remodeling applications. Add even more value by offering these panels in a variety of material or color options, or incorporate custom veining or texturing for a truly one of a kind product that will add distinction and value to any installation.A flange surrounds the top and sides of these panels to simplify fitting of panels during installation without cutting into the tiles. The 36” wide side panel mold is offered as a two-cavity mold to shorten manufacturing time for a typical 3-wall bathroom shower or bath surround.

Description/Order Number
10” x 10” Etched Tile Back Panel Mold - 60 x 96” (Single Cavity) - #22896
10” x 10” Etched Tile Side Panel Mold - 36 x 96” (2-Cavity) - #22779

Note: Both molds are available in either Metamold or Vinyl Ester finish. For Metamold, add an M to the end of the part number. For Vinyl Ester, add a V to the end of the part number. Learn the differences.

Cast Weights:
60 x 96” Back Panel - Approximately 160 lb.
36 x 96” Side Panel - Approximately 95 lb.