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Gruber offers a variety of panel molds – suited to a broad range of uses – including wall panels, shower and bath surrounds, and decorative wall treatments.  Molds are intended for cultured marble and other cast polymer manufacturing methods, and include:

  • Tile-look Panels
  • Slate Tile Panels
  • Textured Wall Panels
  • Untextured (Smooth) Panels

Subway Tile Panel Molds

Create custom wall panels that mimic the look and feel of a subway tile installation - but without the water leakage and grout issues sometimes associated with traditional tile and grout installation.

     22296-2-web       22297-2-web


3 x 6" Subway Tile Panel Molds

These paired molds feature:

  • 3” x 6” simulated smooth tiles

  • Simulated natural grout

  • Large 60” x 96” back panel and paired two-cavity 36 x 96” side panel mold for fast efficient production.

  • Choice of Glossy or Matte finish!

Back Panel - 3" x  6" Tile, 60 x 96" x 3/8" Overall
Glossy - 22296G
Matte - 22296M
Side Panel - 3" x  6" Tile, 36 x 96" x 3/8" Overall, Two-Cavity
Glossy - 22297G
Matte - 22297M

Etched Diamond Tile Panel Molds

Features diamond-shaped tiles that are etched for a unique surface finish and realistic grout lines, 1/4" simulated grout lines and tile border on three sides, and trim flange on three sides that simplifies installation.


10" x 10" Etched Diamond Tile Panel Molds

Product Bulletin

Spec Sheet: 36" x 96" Side Panel - PN 22779

Bordered Tile Panel Molds

Bordered Tile Panel molds feature a variety of tile sizes with simulated grout lines, with 2" tile border on selected sides, and complimentary back and sidewall panel molds.


8" x 8" Bordered Tile Panel Molds

Two complimentary molds:
  • Back panel - 60" x 96" - #22892
  • Side Panel - 36" x 96" (2-Cavity) - #22894


8" x 8" Bordered Tile Panel Mold - 84" x 68"

This single large 84" wide by 68" tall panel mold features 8" x 8" tile with 1/4" grout lines, and 2" x 8" borders on all four sides.
84" x 68" - #23183


Slate Tile Panel Molds

Create a contemporary “new look” in almost any room with these natural slate tile panel molds. Get the look and beauty of natural slate tiles, combined with the benefits of cultured marble and other cast polymer materials. Great for new home construction, or for remodeling applications.


12" x 12" Slate Tile Panel Mold with Tile Inlay Architectural Detail Feature

These two complimentary slate tile panel molds are similar to the highly popular 12" Slate Tile Panel Mold (below), but also include an architectural detail - a popular tile inlaid into the panels.

Two related panels are:

Back Panel - 60" wide x 96" tall - #22789

Side Panel - 36" wide x 96" tall (2 cavity) mold - #22890


12" x 12" Slate Tile Panel Mold

Overall Size: 72" x 96"

Part Number: 26129

Product Bulletin



Textured Panel Molds

Solid wall panel mold with a texture similar to natural slate!
PN 22737


Smooth (Untextured) Panel Molds


Choice of 1, 2 or 3-Cavity molds

Smooth Wall Panels:

Our most popular series of untextured panel molds
  • 3/8" and 3/4" thicknesses available
  • Single or 2-Cavity versions


IMPORTANT NOTE: Before placing your new Gruber molds into production, please read the “Mold Break-In Instructions