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adashower150Gruber is your source for the highest quality Shower Pan molds and other related accessory molds, including Shower Seats, Shower Ramps, Thresholds, Curb Molds and more.
Shower Pans are available in two basic types - dedicated size (standard) single cavity molds, and "Universal" molds.
Universal Molds are large molds that can be used to make any number of castings of different sizes and proportions from a single mold - thus they are an economical, highly versatile option for shops if you don't want to stock a lot of different shower pan molds.
Gruber standard shower pan molds are organized into these "series" - each differentiated by the feature summary shown below:
1054 Series 1052 Series
"Accessibility Series"
1051 Series 1050 Series
Number of Models 7 models 4 models 30 models

2 models + 17 Universal models

Slip Resistant Textured Pan Pattern
(ASTM F 462-1994 Standard compliant)?
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integral Water Dam (Threshold) Yes Yes Yes No
Camberred/Chamferred Pan Sidewalls*
(what is this feature?)
Yes Yes
(3 sided)*
(Slight Camber)
Minimum 1/4" per foot drain slope? Yes Yes Yes
(1 exception)
Accessibility Models? No Yes No No
Universal Pan Available? No No No Yes
National Building Standards Code compliant TBD TBD Yes TBD
Meets requirements of
ASTM F 462-1994?
Other Features Additional Raised Dam to ensure no water leakage

* In this series, a three-sided threshold is provided, and the front threshold substitutes a short wheelchair ramp to offer wheelchair access to the shower.






    1050 Series Universal













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    More Information

    Before placing your new Gruber molds into production, please read the “Mold Break-In Instructions”.

    Slip Resistance Data - Review test data demonstrating compliance with ASTM F462-1994 standards. This test data applies to all Gruber shower molds or tub molds equipped with a textured floor surface, as well as selected other molds.