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Winston Rectangular Floating Bowl Print
This brand new, highly innovative shallow floating bowl mold design offers cultured marble manufacturers a distinctive and contemporary bowl design for the home or office.
- Shallow bowl depth
- Space conscious design
- Distinctive contemporary or modern design
- Easy to clean
- Low matrix demand
- Residential
- Commercial

winston rectangular floating rectangular bowl mold

Image provided courtesy of The Marble Factory


The Winston Rectangular Floating Bowl offers you and your customers an innovative, attractive and distinctive shallow-depth bowl design that will command immediate attention in any bathroom.  Its unique design aesthetic will appeal to anyone wanting something different and unique, and provides a pleasing design aesthetic that is perfect for the upscale home or office bathroom.

Despite the shallow bowl depth, water flow is completely retained in the bowl without splashing.  Compared to ordinary bowls, the reduced surface area offers practical, easy and fast cleaning -- and uses less matrix for lower-cost manufacturing

Technical Information



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Ordering Information - Winston Bowl Series


Description/Order Number:

Male - Winston Rectangular Vanity Bowl - #20141
Female - Winston Rectangular Vanity Bowl - #401418



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