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Custom Mold Design and Tooling

Concept to Product

Using a proprietary mold surface and the latest technology has to offer, Gruber Systems can meet your custom mold requirements with economy, speed and accuracy.


You don’t need to be an experienced designer using CAD/CAM to work with Gruber Systems. Any drawing is usable by us…


The most important phase of the product cycle is the design phase. All of the most important features of any project are determined during the design. Working closely with the customer, features such as aesthetics, construction, and manufacturing techniques are determined. Most of the designs done by Gruber start with just a simple sketch. Using state-of-the-art solid modeling software, we are able to create your concept as a solid model.
  • Customer Approval - Once Gruber is finished with a design, the design is sent to the customer for approval. Two methods are generally used.
  • Photorealistic Renderings
  • E-Drawings
All methods of approval can be sent either through mail, fax, or e-mail. Except E-drawings which are e-mail only.
What is an “E-Drawing”? An E-drawing is a digital file that transfers the viewing tools of a CAD designer to your computer. By e-mailing both the model and the viewer to you, you are now able to confirm all dimensions and rotate the model in any of it’s views to see it from all angles. All views are printable to note changes or sign for approval. See for your self, download a sample "E-Drawing" by clicking here.

Mod Oval E-drawing download 512KB           Mod_Oval.exe


Once the final approval is given by the customer, the manufacturing of molds can begin. At this point the customer has some choices.
  • One up Mold/Prototype
  • Permanent Master
  • One up Master

One up Mold/Prototype

Using CNC technology, a limited use mold is created. Then an actual finished part is cast, the part is shipped, enabling the design to be inspected and qualified by the customer.
Estimated completion time 7 weeks plus any approval time

Permanent Master

Using the “one up” mold Gruber can then produce a permanent fiberglass master. The master, which is stored and maintained by Gruber, is now available to you for molds for years to come.
Estimated completion time 5 weeks plus any approval time

One up Master

Using the same software that created the model we now create the master then a “limited use” master is manufactured and once the master is finished the molds are made and shipped.
Estimated completion time 3 weeks plus any approval time