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Granatex GTX 701 Print

Granatex 701 consists only of the pigment color chips used in Granatex 700. Manufacturers add solid surface quality ATH as a substitute for the Granatex 700 processed background material. The result is a material that approximates the high quality of Granatex 700, our top-of-the-line granite filler material.


  • 40 lb. (18.1 Kilos) per box
  • 400 lbs. (181.8 kilos) per gaylord

Note: Shown below are cast GTX 701 - approximating the results you will achieve by adding good quality ATH

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Note: All attempts have been made to accurately demonstrate cast material in the images below. However, samples shown may vary from finished cast product, and may not precisely portray color, hue or granule size. Resin used will affect color hue of final cast product. Your monitor's color accuracy will affect the color hues shown.




Instructions For Use*:

The following is the suggested formula for Granatex® 701:
30% - 32% ATH
30% - 32% GTX 701
36% - 40% Resin
1% - 1.5% MEKP

• Add filler to the resin.
• Mix under vacuum without catalyst for 4 minutes.
• Check the mix and clean the blade.
• Add the catalyst.
• Mix for 6 minutes under vacuum.
• Pour the matrix onto the mold.
• Do not clean the blade.
• Gel time on the table should be about 15 - 18 minutes.
• Longer gel times or excessive vibration could cause settling.


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