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The Gelcoat Heat Curing Tunnel system is an excellent way to accelerate the cure time for gelcoated molds. Utilizing a heater and blower to move warm air across the surface of molds curing times can be cut by more than 50%*, while at the same time enabling a better, more durable cure.
Adding a Gruber Systems' Gel Coat Heat Curing Tunnel to your manufacturing operation gives you complete control over the gel coat curing environment. This can significantly improve both your production timeline and the quality of your finished product. A blower passes heated air through the oven, which allows the gel coat to cure more rapidly and evenly. This reduces the curing time which lets you put molds back into production at a faster rate. The positive flow through the tunnel eliminates contamination from bugs, etc, and removes styrene pockets. An optional air filtration system for the furnace is also available to help prevent contamination of gel coated molds.
The construction of the Gel Coat Heat Curing Oven is so sturdy that two levels of dual storage lines can be supported by the oven structure. The additional storage provided by these lines above the oven dramatically increases your mold storage capacity without taking up any more valuable floor space. Gruber Gel Coat Heat Curing Tunnels can be customized to any length, and are available in either single- or double-line widths to meet your specific manufacturing requirements.
These tunnels are available in either Electric Heater (EL) version, or a Natural Gas/Propane Heater (NG) versions.
Gelcoat curing heat tunnel features heavy duty 22-gauge sheet metal shell, heavy duty steel frame, electric, natural gas, or propane heaters, single-phase blowers, and 11-gauge galvanized steel wheel way assemblies with zinc plated steel skate wheel bearings. The Gelcoat Curing Heat Tunnel is available in a standard length of 30 feet with 10-foot additions available as needed.

Specifications: Gelcoat Curing Heat Tunnel

Height:    120" (to top of posts), 127" (to top of heater)
Width:    72", 84", 96" or 102" (between posts)
Length:    Available in 360” (30 ft.) standard length, with 120" (10ft.) additions.

Wheel way, left, right, and middle:
Width: 20-1/8" (wheel center to wheel center).
Height: 28"

50kw heater - 208-230/460 volt, 3 phase, 50Hz @ 76-71.2/38 amps
Blower - 110/220 volt, 1 phase, 60 Hz @ 11/5.5 amps

Natural Gas/Propane - 200,000 Btu
*As compared to open air curing.


Order Information

Gelcoat Conveyor, EL, 1L, 2W, 72"x30' Complete - #GCEL7230S
GC Conv, 1L, 2W, 72" x 10' adder - #GC7210

Gelcoat Conveyor, EL, 1L, 2W, 84"x30' Complete - #GCEL8430S
Gelcoat Conveyor, 1L, 2W, 84" x 10' adder - #GC8410

Gelcoat Conveyor, EL, 1L, 2W, 96"x30' Complete - #GCEL9630S
Gelcoat Conveyor, 1L, 2W, 96" x 10' adder - #GC9610

Gelcoat Conveyor, NG, 1L, 2W, 72"x30' Complete - #GCNG7230S
Gelcoat Conveyor, 1L, 2W, 102" x 10' adder - #GC10210

Gelcoat Conveyor, NG, 1L, 2W, 84"x30' Complete - #GCNG8430S
Gelcoat Conveyor, 1L, 2W, 108" x 10' adder - #GC10810
Gelcoat Conveyor, NG, 1L, 2W, 96"x30' Complete - #GCNG9630S
Wheel way assembly with steel wheels, 10’ - #110045

Gelcoat Conveyor, NG, 1L, 2W, 102"x30' Complete - #GCNG10230S
Wheel way channel with steel wheels, 10’ - #110044

Gelcoat Conveyor, NG, 1L, 2W, 108"x30' Complete - #GCNG10830
Standard steel wheel way wheel with nut/bolt - #110039
Equipment Requirements:
Gelcoat curing tunnels should be hardwired to an appropriate 30 amp circuit by a qualified electrician to meet your local electrical codes. Additional controls may be necessary to meet your local regulations. Any additional requirements needed to deem this equipment operational will be obtained by buyer at buyers expense.