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Bulk Bag Gantries are used to lift Bulk Bags (aka Super Sacks) into position over a Ground Hopper.

Bulk Bag Gantries and Ground Hoppers are generally used in conjunction with Gruber Systems’ Autocaster Ultra continuous casting systems. Ground Hoppers provide a longer term supply of fillers to the metering hoppers mounted on top of the Autocaster system - so that the continuous casting capability of the Autocaster is not interrupted by the need to resupply the metering hoppers.

Depending on your physical layout, and flexibility desired of handling these bulk bags, you have a choice of Ground Hoppers and Gantries, as well as associated Bulk Bag Pallet Roller Conveyors to help automate the staging of bulk fillers in your operation.

Generally, bulk bags are staged below the gantry, or are transported to that location with a bulk bag conveyor track (see illustration at right). The bags are often stored in a remote location, and the bulk bag conveyor can simplify the transfer of the bag to where the Ground Hopper is located. Alternatively, fork lifts can transport these bulk bags as well, but when a fork lift does not have access to the staging area below the Ground Hopper, Bulk Bag Conveyor's offer a very convenient method of moving bulk fillers into position.

Once the bulk bags are positioned below the hoist, the bulk bag is hoisted off its pallet, and the trolley moves the bulk bag into position immediately above the Ground Hopper. As shown in the illustration at right, the hoist will suspend the bulk bag over the Ground Hopper until the bulk bag is emptied. Once emptied, the bag is lowered, and a new bag is picked up and placed into position to continue the production process.

  • Gantries are manufactured from heavy duty steel components and finished in powder-coat.
  • Rated for a maximum lifting capacity of 4,000 lb.
  • Cable trolleys provided to carry and guide hoist’s power supply chord
  • Bulk bags can be lifted from the ground with the hoist – no forklift access to ground hoppers required


Bulk Bag Suspender Cross Frame included with each Bulk Bag Gantry shown above

For use with Bulk Bag Gantry and other Hoists

Each of the two Gantries shown below utilize this Bulk Bag Suspender Cross Frame (PN162769) to attach the hoist and trolley to the Bulk Bag. The hoist lowers the suspender frame down, and the frame is attached to each corner point on the Bulk Bag. Once attached to the bag, the bag is lifted, and the trolley moves the bag into position above the Ground Hopper.

Note: Custom size Gantries are available upon request - call!


Specifications: 4 leg Bulk Bag Gantry

10' Gantry (#0831208)

15' Gantry (#162768)



Key Feature:

The 10 foot Gantry can hold two extra bulk bags in addition to the bag in use (which has been hoisted above the Ground Hopper.With the addition of Bulk Bag Conveyor system, several additional bags can be "cued" in position, and simply rolled down the conveyor as the bags are used.

A forklift is initially required to lift the bags into position - either below the Gantry, or on the Conveyor tracks - depending on which configuration you have.

In addition to the bag which is currently hoisted above the Ground Hopper, 3 additional "reserve" bulk bags can be positioned under the hoist. This larger capacity configuration is recommended for higher production requirements, or where the ability to select from a variety of multiple bags (possibly containing different filler materials) is desired.



Includes: Bulk Bag Suspender Bulk Bag Suspender
Height: 14' (168") 14' (168")
Width: 6' (72") 6' (72")
Length: 10" (120") 15' (180")
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Order Information

Description/Order No.
Bulk Bag Gantry, 4 leg, 10’ - #0831208
Bulk Bag Gantry, 4 leg, 15’ (10’ I-Beam, includes Bulk Bag Suspender Frame) - #162768
Crate - Bulk Bag Gantry - #CEGANTRY

Replacement Components
4000 lb Capacity Electric Hoist - #0831215
4000 lb Capacity Trolley - #0831217
Bulk Bag Suspender Cross Frame - #162769
Festoon Trolley - CALL
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