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Lightweight Filler Ground Hoppers (Pneumatic Transport) Print
Shown with optional bulk bag suspender

Application: Bulk solid ingredient conveying with positive pneumatic pressure transport system

  • Eliminate laborious manual bulk powder handling and tank filling
  • Optimized for handling lightweight powders, granular material and other bulk ingredients in a variety of composites-related applications.
  • Precise metering available
  • Eliminate waste
  • No overhead mountings

Automatically transfer bulk lightweight filler material with a Ground Hopper equipped with a pneumatic pump and hose transport system - eliminating the traditional screw drive type auger, and allowing remote or distant positioning of the Ground Hopper relative to the Autocaster continuous casting system.

Bulk filler handling systems can be integrated with your process or batching system to reduce labor, improve efficiencies, aid in material cost control, and potentially lower overhead costs. Gruber Ground Hoppers can accommodate either bulk bags (super sacks) or individual bags of powder (such as fillers, as well as granular and other ingredients.

A complete bulk filler handling system often includes the ground hopper to storing and convey the materials to the point of insertion or use, and a gantry or other material transfer system to store and deliver super sacks or bulk bags to the ground hopper.



At left: Vacuum Pump transports lightweight filler to the destination - typically an Autocaster casting or Batchmaster metering machine.

Note: Model shown is single feed, supply lightweight filler from the Ground Hopper to a single metering hopper. Another model is available to feed two metering hoppers from a single pneumatic Ground Hopper.




 Description: Ground Hopper with Vacuum material Transport Conveyer

  • 50 lb (23 kg) per minute output capability (calcium carbonate blends)
  • Pneumatic pump pumps material to remote casting system using hose - traditional auger is eliminated
  • Allows more convenient and accessible positioning, or central positioning to service multiple casting or batching systems
  • Standard discharge heights of 10 - 14’ (3 - 4.2 m) (other heights available)
  • Minimum 10’ (3 m) ceiling height required
  • Rugged 15 cu. ft. Bin with 12 gauge carbon steel construction
  • Dimensions -  57.5” x 42.5” x 45” (146 x 108 x114cm) (WLD)
  • Drive mechanism located near the floor for easy maintenance
  • Pneumatic vibrator for anti-bridging control
  • Includes screen for helping to prevent bag scraps and other debris from reaching pneumatic pump
  • Includes chain clamps for securing bulk bag hopper support

Order Information (description/order number)
  • Air Operation Ground Hopper with Pneumatic Pump (Single Feed) - #1000AGHAO

  • Air Operation Ground Hopper with Pneumatic Pump, Controller and Dual-Feed Diverter Valve - (supply lightweight fillers like Calcarb and ATH blends to two different Autocaster or Batchmaster metering hoppers from a single Ground Hopper!) - #1000AGHAO-2


Other Ground Hoppers include our standard Auger Screw-Drive System, Self (Automated) Metering, and Portable (Mobile) configurations. 


Attention all Batchmaster II Owners!


Is your Batchmaster II Display Dead, Unreadable or Damaged?



Batchmaster II metering systems take a lot of use and abuse, and inevitably, due to age and use – that outdated display screen will likely fail.


Replace your Display before a failure disrupts your business!

Upgraded Display with New Interface



The original Batchmaster II screen is now obsolete, costs more to repair, and is no longer available or supported than a newer generation display screen.


  • Modern screen currently in production and supported by the manufacturer.
  • Brighter, easier to read display
  • Larger screen area
  • Full color display
  • Updated graphics
  • Improved navigation
  • Fits within the same cutout of the front operator panel for easy, simple “plug-and-play” replacement.
  • Backward compatibility with existing software. Same screen options and information

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Batchmaster II Screen Replacement:
Order No. 166342