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Gruber manufacturers multiple Automated Metering and Dispensing technologies automate your composites material processing requirements - including the Batchmaster series of automated metering and dispensing systems, as well as a variety of bulk filler handling systems featuring Gruber's Bulk Filler Handling Systems - featuring our line of Ground Hoppers!

Automated Metering Systems



Batchmaster™ III automated metering system

The BatchMaster III is our third generation automated metering system for use in cultured marble and solid surface batch mixing. We have combined a new control system with the best features of our previous generation batching system and added new options like catalyst and base color metering into a single system that is the most flexible and reliable on the market.

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Bulk Filler Handling Systems

Bulk filler handling systems can be integrated with your continuous casting system, metering or batching systems and other types of manufacturing processes to reduce labor cost, improve production efficiencies, reduce wastage (material cost), and likely reduce overhead costs. Bulk filler handling systems from Gruber Systems include Ground Hoppers and Ground Hopper accessories - such as Bulk Bag Suspenders, Bulk Bag Gantries, Bulk Bag Roller Conveyors, Mobile Ground Hopper configurations, and other equipment. Any custom configuration can be designed and built to your satisfy your needs - call for more information.
Gruber Ground Hoppers include:

Standard (Manually operated) Ground Hopper

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Pneumatic Transport Ground Hopper











Mobile Ground Hoppers



Polymer Concrete Ground Hopper



Gruber can manufacture Ground Hoppers for processing an extensive variety of composite fillers and other materials, and customize bulk filler handling systems for almost any powder, granular material or aggregate. Call for more information.