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F8 Single Wide Finishing Conveyor with Shelf Print


Application: The F8 Skate Wheel Finishing Conveyor was designed to provide an effortless way of moving finished castings (especially cast bowls) - to the final finishing work areas.

Description: The F8 skate wheel finishing conveyor features heavy duty steel construction, 11 gauge galvanized steel wheel way assembly with zinc plated steel skate wheel bearings rotated inward for use with sleds or raw product, built in utility/storage shelves, and durable powder coating for protection. The F8 wide skate wheel conveyor system is a modular conveyor system available in a variety of different lengths to create conveyor runs of almost any dimension.


Height: 30" (to top of wheelway)
Width: 48"
Length: Available in 60”, 120”, and 144” modular sections for almost any length of conveyor run.
Width: 16-1/2” (wheel center to wheel center)
Height: 57"
Width: 24"

Description/Order Number:

Conveyor - Complete
F8 conveyor 10’ complete - #F810S
Conveyor - “Adders” (additional sections):
F8 Conveyor 10 foot addition - #F810
F8 Conveyor 5’ foot addition - #F85
Knee Brace - #0830891
F8 stand/1 level - #1100075
Support feet - #1100312
Wheel way channel with steel wheels, 5’ - #1100449
Wheel way channel with steel wheels, 10’ - #110044
Standard steel wheel way wheel with nut/bolt - #110039
A8 shelf 10 foot section - #111090
A8 shelf hardware - #0836000
Crate - F-8 Per Section - #CEF8CONV
Crate - F-8 Finishing Stand - #CEF8STD