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Bulk Bag Roller Conveyor Track Print


Bulk Bag Roller Conveyors facilitate the movement and storage of pallets containing bulk bags (super sacks) from a fork-lift access point to a Bulk Bag Gantry (also available separately).

Bulk Bag Roller Conveyors are an accessory for Ground Hoppers. For more information on Ground Hoppers, click here.

Conveyors are heavy duty 2” diameter, 12-gauge galvanized steel rollers; with roll-formed heavy-gauge galvanized steel channels.  Channels are reinforced laterally with cross-braces. Conveyors are secured to the floor (mounting hardware is included).






Bulk Bags move easily along this roller conveyor from their off-line storage location to their point of use - usually to a gantry that hoists the bulk bag above a Ground Hopper, that then supplies an Autocaster Ultra continuous casting system.








Order Information

Description/Order No.
Bulk Bag Roller Conveyor, 10’ - #RCBB10
Crate - Roller Conveyor - #CEROLLCON

Note: Other conveyor configurations and custom conveyor designs are available. Call for more information.


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Bulk Bag Suspender

A bulk bag suspender - which is part of the Bulk Bag Gantry - is used to hook each corner of the bulk bag, and the bag is then hoisted above the Ground Hopper.

Bulk Bag Gantry (15 ft model)

This Gantry (the 15 foot version), can accommodate  up to 3 bulk bags in reserve (plus the on hanging above the Ground Hopper) with the same or different filler materials, and the hoist can then be used to select the desired bulk bag.

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