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LCD Screen Protectors for Autocaster and Batchmaster Touch Screens Print


Now you can protect your valuable Autocaster or Batchmaster LCD touchscreen with these tough, durable screen protectors from Gruber Systems.

Keep your touch screen like new with these tough, durable screen protectors. Prevent the buildup of matrix and dust, and avoid inadvertant damage from metal tool scrapes and scratches.

Extend the lifetime of your valuable Touchscreen and keep it looking like new with one of these protective film shields!

  • Long lasting protection against dust, scratches and gouges.

  • Abrasion and chemical resistant to protect the LCD screen. Remove matrix off screen protector with acetone!

  • Anti-glare film provides added screen contrast and brilliant colors.

  • Installs easily, removes cleanly without leaving residue.

  • Filters out 99% of UV light from reaching your screen or reflecting to your eyes.

Reduce expensive service calls and system downtime by protecting your LCD Panel touchscreen from scratches, nicks, and other damage that can and will occur in an industrial environment!



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applicationsmallScreen Protector Order Options:

Fits TP1500 touchscreen used on Autocaster Ultra, Vacuum Autocaster Ultra and Autocaster Ultra/PC 2015 and newer
Order No. 166117 - $24.00
Fits MP370MP/377 touchscreen used on pre-2015 Autocaster Ultra, Vacuum Autocaster Ultra and Autocaster Ultra/PC
Order No. 166120  - $15.54
Fits HG3G touchscreen used on Autocaster Economizer 2013 and newer
Order No. 166118 - $15.54
Fits HG2F touchscreen used on Batchmaster III and Pre-2012 Autocaster Economizer
Order No. 166119 - $12.46