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Autocaster™ RC (Recipe-Controlled) continuous casting system Print

AutocasterRC-480The Autocaster™ Recipe Controlled continuous casting machine automates the production of polymer matrix for cast polymer manufacturing.

Replacing manual mixing with the Autocaster can significantly increase productivity, cut material cost and improve quality - all leading to increased profits for the manufacturer.

Our many years of experience with continuous casting machines and cast polymer manufacturing and process control equipment solutions have led to innovative improvements that have been incorporated into this Autocaster Recipe Controlled continuous casting machine.


The base Autocaster™ RC continuous casting machine includes these features:

  • Up to 60 lbs/minute matrix production
  • Recipe based matrix control with on-the-fly adjustments for resin %, catalyst % and matrix output
  • Totalizer for all raw materials (except contrast color)
  • Precision gear pumps for resin, catalyst and base-color
  • Accurate, solid-core filler metering augers with integrated anti-bridging devices
  • Integrated resin heating system
  • Adjustable flow contrast color injectors
  • High efficiency mixer
  • Hardened steel machined mixing auger and barrel
  • Modular base-color systems with removable base-color pump
  • Inverter controlled motors for all raw materials (except contrast color)
  • Provided with the base unit are two filler metering systems, one resin metering system, one catalyst metering system, one base-color metering system and a two-color contrast injector system. Additional raw material systems can be supplied as needed.


  • Ground hoppers and controls for bulk bag or manual hopper filling
  • Automatic casting table (ACT) 3-direction or 2-direction
  • Filler Flow System for difficult to meter fillers
  • Upgrade to Autocaster Ultra Control Package
  • Remote Access Software/System (requires Ultra Control Package)

Order Information:
Part No.       Description
150100RC    Autocaster™ RC (Recipe Controlled) continuous casting system

Optional sub-systems and replacement parts
150102         Autocaster™ add hopper
150103nmt    Add base color no drive
150103         Add base color with drive
150105         Matrix Batch Meter for RC
150106         Remote operator Panel RC
150107         Add one extra vein unit
150108         High output option (up to 80 lbs/min output rate)
160296         Y Type strainer filter
150104         Add 2 Independent Vein
111571         2” Resin transfer hose
0832100       Polypro ball valve 1.5 FP


·  Up to 60 pounds/minute

·  Hardened steel barrel and auger
·  High efficiency mixer

·  230 Volt AC TEFC or optional explosion proof
·  Mixing unit - 5 HP
·  Raw material feed units - 3/4 HP
·  Thermal pump unit - 1/8 HP

·  Inverter controlled adjustable output 5 to 50 lbs/min. for CaCO3
·  Solid core metering auger
·  Maximum particle size 2mm
·  Hopper capacity 4 cu. ft.
·  Integrated anti- bridging device

·  Maximum 2500 centipoise promoted polyester resin
·  Overpressure sensor and bypass
·  Inverter controlled adjustable output 1.5 to 15 lbs/min.
·  Integrated recirculating thermal fluid based heat exchanger with 12kW heater
·  Gravity feed resin input

·  Precision gear pump
·  Overpressure sensor
·  Recirculating system with dual electronic flow sensors and visual display
·  Inverter controlled adjustable output 10 to 100 grams/min.
·  Storage capacity of 5 gallons

·  Precision gear pump
·  Uses liquid paste pigments up to 5000 centipoise
·  Inverter controlled adjustable output 0.1 to 1.0 lbs/min.
·  7.5 gallon storage tank

·  Use liquid paste pigments up to 5000 centipoise
·  0.0 to 999.9 second pause and pulse settings
·  Feeds from paste suppliers shipping container
·  Injectors incorporate flow control knob

·  Dual cleaning system – internal and recirculating.
·  Air purge included
·  Internal cleaner 5 gallon storage, Recirculating cleaner 15 gallon storage
·  Recommended for use with DBE (Marblewash or equivalent)

·  64 recipe presets with on-the-fly adjustments for resin, catalyst and output
·  Control panel mounted on adjustable arm
·  Integrated rate display and totalizers
·  Optional office monitoring and Optional matrix totalizer available
·  Printer port

·  230 Volt, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz, 80 amps max.
·  24V DC control circuit

·  90 psi, 20 CFM

·  54” wide X 80” deep X 112” high

·  3500 lbs.

Equipment Installation:
All equipment should be hard-wired to an appropriate circuit by a qualified electrician to meet your local electrical codes. Additional controls may be necessary to meet your local regulations. Any additional requirements needed to deem this equipment operational will be obtained by buyer at buyers expense.