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EconomizerPC-325Application:  Automated, continuous casting of cultured marble or polymer concrete matrix for low to medium production requirements.

Autocaster Economizer now available in either Cultured Marble or Polymer Concrete editions!  (shown at right)

Like the Autocaster Ultra, the Autocaster Economizer automates the production of polymer matrix for cast polymer manufacturing, replacing manual mixing methods with the automated, continuous casting capability. Like the Autocaster Ultra, the Economizer will significantly increase productivity, cut material cost and improve quality all leading to increased profitability for the manufacturer.

The Economizer is intended for low to medium production requirements. It does not include all the features and capacity of the higher capacity Autocaster Ultra, but provides many of the benefits of continuous casting at a lower price point.

The Economizer is available in a base configuration, but has fewer customization and expandability options than the Ultra. If you find that you need features available exclusively with the Ultra, or your production requirements are increasing over time, you may find that the Ultra provides a better long term casting solution for your requirements.

The base system described here is the Ecnomizer for Cultured Marble manufacturing, but this machine can be provided as a basic Polymer Concrete casting system with some replacement of certain equipment. Call for assistance in configuring a polymer concrete machine. Also see the Autocaster Ultra/PC Polymer Concrete casting system.


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  • Up to 45 lbs./min (20.4kg/min) matrix production

  • Recipe-based matrix control with on-the-fly adjustments for resin %, catalyst % and matrix output.

  • Recipes are stored as a Recipe number (rather than a recipe name on the Ultra)

  • Password protected control panel with color display gives access to all functions including metering calibration, recipe definition, totals, diagnostics, alarms, setup and cleaning.

  • Integrated resin heating system.

  • High-efficiency mixer with hardened steel mixing auger.

  • Modular base-color systems with removable base color pumps.

  • Totalizer for all raw materials (except contrast color)

  • Precision metering pumps for resin and base-color, and piston pump for catalyst

  • Accurate filler metering auger with integrated anti-bridging devices

  • Adjustable flow contrast color injectors

  • Inverter controlled motors for all raw materials (except contrast color)

Economizer Specifications:

Matrix Output
  • Selectable, from 20 - 45 lbs (9 - 20.4kg) per minute
Mixing System
  • Hardened steel mixing auger
  • High-efficiency mixer
Filler System
  • Inverter controlled adjustable output
  • Maximum particle size 2mm (approx. 0.078")
  • Hopper capacity 4 cu. ft. (0.113 cubic meters)
  • Integrated anti-bridging device
Resin System
  • Maximum 2000 centipoise promoted polyester resin
  • Overpressure sensor
  • Inverter controlled adjustable output
  • Integrated recirculating thermal fluid-based heat exchanger
  • Gravity feed resin input with inline mesh filter strainer
Catalyst System
  • Unique precision piston pump
  • Overpressure sensor and bypass
  • Recirculating system with electronic flow sensor and visual display
  • Inverter controlled adjustable output
  • Storage capacity of 5 gallons (18.9 liters)
Base Color System
  • Uses liquid paste pigments up to 2500 centipoise (at operating temp.)
  • Inverter controlled adjustable output
Contrast Color System
  • Use liquid paste pigments up to 2500 centipoise (at operating temp.)
  • 0.0 to 999.9 second pause and pulse settings
  • Injectors incorporate flow control knob
  • Recipe-controlled on/off cycling
Cleaning System
  • Two-stage cleaning (fresh and recycled cleaning solutions), with air purge.
  • Fresh cleaning solution storage capacity - 5 gallons (18.9 liters)
  • Recycled cleaning solution storage capacity - 15 gallons (56.8 liters)
  • Recommended for use with DBE (Marblewash or equivalent)
Control System
  • Store numbered recipe presets
  • Control panel on control box (smaller user interface than Ultra)
  • Integrated rate display and totalizers
  • 230/460 Volt AC TENV
  • Mixing unit - 5 HP
  • Catalyst - 1/8 HP
  • Raw material feed units - 3/4 HP
  • Thermal pump unit - 1/8 HP
Electrical System
  • 230/460 VAC, 3-Phase, 50/60 Hz, 70 amps max.
  • 24V DC control circuit
Air Supply
  • 90 psi (620 kPa), 20 cfm (566 lpm)
  • 41” wide x 89” deep x 98” high (104cm x 226cm x 249cm)
Net Weight
  • 3500 lb (1600 kg) - configuration dependent


Order Information

Description/Order Number
Autocaster Economizer (base configuration) - #30AW1H

Choose from these configurations:
  • Autocaster Economizer, (base configuration with 230V) for Cultured Marble, Crated - 30AW1H-230*
  • Autocaster Economizer, (base configuration with 380V) for Cultured Marble, Crated - #30AW1H-380*
  • Autocaster Economizer, 230V, Small, for Polymer Concrete, Crated - #30AW1HPC-230**

* Base cultured marble machine configuation includes:

  • Standard Mixing Auger
  • One (1) Metering hopper (3 maximum option)
  • One (1) Base color (4 maximum option)
  • Two (2) veining colors (4 maximum option)
  • Resin heater
  • Catalyst system
  • Two-stage cleaning (fresh and recycled cleaning solutions), with air purge.

** Base polymer concrete machine configuation includes:

  • Polymer Concrete Mixing Auger
  • One (1) Metering hopper (add up to 2 additional hoppers by adding Small Aggregate, Large Aggregate, or High-Volume Metering Hopper upgrades shown below)
  • One (1) Base color (4 maximum option)
  • Resin heater
  • Catalyst system
  • Two-stage cleaning (fresh and recycled cleaning solutions), with air purge.
Optional Economizer Upgrades
add Metering Hopper Assembly (each) - #30ACFH
add "High Output" Metering Hopper - with open auger flights
add Small Aggregate Filler Metering Hopper (for Polymer Concrete Economizer only) - with solid core auger shaft
add Large Aggregate Filler Metering Hopper (for Polymer Concrete Economizer only) - with solid core auger shaft
add 1 Base Color - #CMBCS-1C
add 2 Base Color - #CMBCS-2C
add 3 Base Color - #CMBCS-3C
add 4 Base Color - #CMBCS-4C
add Vein Color (each) - #162535
Digital Batch Display Assembly - #162966
Polymer Concrete Mixing Auger upgrade - CALL
Cartridge Filter Upgrade - CALL
Expanded Heat Exchanger (High Output Option) - #163500
Machine Commissioning - #009903

Crate - Casting Machine - #CECSTMACH
Crate - Metering Hopper - #CEHOPPER


new LCD Screen Protectors for Autocaster Economizer

Gruber LCD Screen Protectors for Autocaster Economizer casting machinesAvailable for Autocaster Economizer models!

  • Extend the life of your touchscreen and keep it looking like new!
  • Long lasting protection against dust, scratches and gouges.
  • Abrasion and chemical resistant to protect the LCD screen. Now clean matrix off the screen protector with acetone!
  • Anti-glare film provides added screen contrast and brilliant colors.
  • Installs easily, removes cleanly without leaving residue.
  • Filters out 99% of UV light from reaching your screen or reflecting to your eyes.
  • Reduce expensive service calls or touch screen replacements due to screen damage
Order Information
  • Autocaster Economizer 2013 and later models (fits HG3G screen) - Order No. 166118 - $15.54


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Equipment Requirements: All models should be hard-wired to an appropriate circuit by a qualified electrician to meet your local electrical codes. Additional controls may be necessary to meet your local regulations. Any additional requirements needed to deem this equipment operational will be obtained by buyer at buyers expense.