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Hi-Boy Elevating Exchange Cart Print
  • Two standard versions - 10 foot or 12 foot lengths*
  • Also available in double-wide configuration for larger mold capacity.


Application: Hi-Boy™ Elevating Exchange Carts are specifically designed for the transfer of molds to and from elevated or multi level conveyor systems. The use of these carts along with a multi-level conveyor either for storage or production can dramatically reduce the space required for a cultured marble factory.

Description: Hi-Boy™ elevating exchange carts feature heavy duty steel construction, galvanized steel wheelway with steel skate conveyor wheel, easy rolling 6 inch (15.24cm) v-groove casters with bearings, battery operated for ease of use, scissor-type lifting mechanism, easy to use control box, push handle with control mounting plate, and a built in battery charger.

Available in two models:
The Hi-Boy™ standard width elevating exchange carts (shown above and below) are available in two lengths - 10 foot (304.8cm) and 12 foot (365.75cm). The minimum height (when not elevated at all) is 20 inches (50.8cm) for both models. The maximum height (when fully elevated is different for the two models, as it is a function of the overall length of each model:
  • The 10 foot model will elevate to a maximum of 8 feet (96 inches or 243.84cm) from the ground grade to the top of the skate wheel tracks.
  • The 12 foot model will elevate to a maximum of 10 feet (120 inches or 304.8cm) from the ground grade to the top of the skate wheel tracks.



Hi-Boy Elevating Exchange Cart
shown in slightly raised position
Hi-Boy Elevating Exchange Cart
shown in lowered position (unelevated)
Electrical Controls
DC Power Unit UL listed 12V powered hydraulic cylinder
Unelevated minimum height (for both models)- 20" (50.8cm)
10 Ft. Model (Maximum Elevated Height) - 8 feet (96 inches or 243.84cm)*
12 Ft. Model (Maximum Elevated Height) - 10 feet (120 inches or 304.8cm)*
* Note: Maximum elevation is defined as the distance from the floor grade to the top of the tracks.
Width: 43” (109.22cm)
10 Ft. Model - 10 feet (120 inches or 304.8cm)
12 Ft. Model - 12 feet (144 inches or 365.75cm)
Wheel Depth: 57” (144.78cm)
Wheel Base: 72” (182.88cm)
Width: 20-1/8” (51.12cm (wheel-center to wheel-center)
Features: Push-button controlled, battery operated, hydraulic cylinder, driving dual scissor lift mechanism.

Description/Order Number
Complete Systems
Hi-Boy™ Exchange Cart, 10 Ft - #1100700
Hi-Boy™ Exchange Cart, 12 Ft. - #110071
Hi-Boy™ Double-Wide Exchange Cart, 10 Ft.
Hi-Boy™ Double-Wide Exchange Cart, 12 Ft. - #110071D
Cart track, 10 Ft. section - #083087
6” V-Groove wheel with bearing - #0830939
Hi-Boy handle - #0830938
Standard steel wheelway wheel with nut and bolt - #110039
DC power unit assembly complete - #110063
US108 - 6 volt cart battery - #110064
12 volt, 25 amp battery charger - #1100651
Joy pendant station control - #110081
AC power unit conversion - #110065
1-½ hp, electric motor for AC power conversion - #1100721
Cart track stop (each) - #162390
Crate - Hi-Boy Exchange Cart - #CEHIBOY
Crate - Cart Track - #CETRACK