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Casting Dolly/Pot Dolly

This mobile cart or dolly transfers a mixing pot from the pot mixer to the casting location - or it can also accept an entire mixing pot or a shallow casting dish. Easy, convenient and affordable method of transferring your blended cultured marble or solid surface matrix from the mixing/blending point to the casting location where the mold is located.

Optional Accessories (sold separately):
30” Shallow Casting Dish

Order Information
Mobile Casting Dolly/Cart, No Dish - #0832400
Optional Shallow Casting Dish 30", with Rolled Down Edge - #0831459

Optional Shallow Casting Dish (sold separately) - for transferring smaller amounts of matrix.


Pneumatic Pot Tilt Cart

Mobile Pot Tilt Cart that transfers your matrix to the casting location, to provide easier access to the matrix. Includes a pneumatic control to adjust pot angle control. Call for information.

Mobile Cart with Turn Table

This 5 foot long mobile cart transfers your mixing pot from the mixer to the casting location, and includes a "lazy Susan" type rotating turn table to allow rotation of your pot.

To spin pot for easer removal of matrix and help vibrate air out.

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Call for any mobile cart requirement you have. Gruber can custom manufacture almost any configuration or size you may need!