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Pot Lifters Print

Pot Lifters are attached to mixing vessels ("pots"), which are then attached to cranes or gantries - to lift the mixing vessel. Generally the pot is lifted over a mold, where the pot is tipped to control pour the casting matrix into a mold.

Pot Lifters are comprised of two basic components - the lifter arm, and the pot lifter ring - as shown below. The ring is attached around a mixing vessel, and the lifter arm is attached to the lifter ring.




Pot Lifters are available for all Gruber Vacuum Mixers and Blenders.
Pot Lifters can be purchased as complete (Pot Lifter with the Pot Lifter Ring), or just Pot Lifters, or just Pot Lifter Rings:

Pot Lifter with Ring*

Pot Lifter (No Ring) Pot Lifter Ring Only
Pot-assy200 Lifter-Only200 Ring-Only200
100 LB
 200 LB  0837572  162992 162991
 350 LB  103529 103528 103527 
 GS-1350 103527 
GS350 103528
GS1000 111651 1116511 1116510
GS1500 111693 111694 1116935
GS1700 170315 170314 170316
GS1800 162312 162313  162314
GS2000** 103910 103909 103905
* includes Pot Lifter Arm, Vessel Ring, and Pot Lifter Ring.
** The GS2000 has been discontinued, but Pot Lifters are available for it.