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Agitators for 55 Gallon Closed Top Drums Print


Binks 31-296 Heavy Duty Bung Agitator

Binks Bung Agitators are easy-to-use high torque mixers with collapsible blades allowing insertion and extraction through the standard 2-in. bung in closed-top 55 gallon containers. During rotation, centrifugal force causes the blades to open.

- Binks Bung Mounted Agitator for Closed Top 55 Gal. Drums
- With 1 HP Air Motor Drive
- 32 inch long shaft
- Mounted with 2 sets of blades


Name: Bung Mounted Agitator for 55 Gal. Drums
Horsepower: 1 HP Air Motor Drive
Speed: 3000 RPM maximum (regulated by 73-159 air adjusting valve)
Family: Pump Accessories
Binks Part Number: 31-296
Type: Agitators
Regulated Air Pressure: 60 psi minimum
Max Working Pressure: Air supply to the motor should be 60 psi gauge pressure minimum (approx. 10 CFM

Order Information:
Binks 31-296 Agitator with Drive - #111816

Also available - 111833 31-100 Agitator


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