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The GS 2350 Blender is a heavy-duty blender designed to thoroughly blend the components for marble and onyx batch production. With two stainless steel mixing pots with a 350 lb capacity in each pot - a total of 700 lb of capacity!

The GS2350 Blender is a heavy-duty blender that features two 3 horsepower motors and two large capacity stainless steel mixing vessels capable of mixing up to approximately 350 lbs. of material each. The heavy-duty stainless steel mixing blade is mounted to a pneumatic boom that is used to raise or lower the blade into either vessels. The blade attached to the boom assembly by a twist lock mechanism for quick blade removal and replacement. When in the raised position, the blade can be rotated away from the mixing vessel for unobstructed access or positioned to blend the next vessel of matrix. Available in 60 Hz 3Ø version only.  Can be used in conjunction with a Batchmaster with the optional rotating base.


Description/Order Number:

Blender, GS2350, Dual, 60 Hz, 3Ø (3 phase) with /2-ply (specify voltage) - #190022

Pot, 1350, 2350, Stainless Steel Mixing Vessel - #0831034
GS1350/GS2350 Mixing Blade - #162238
Mixing Blade, Special 2350 - #162238HB
GS1350/2350 Pot Dolly - #162327
Kit, Polywiper GS1350/GS2350 - #162439

Crate - GS23505 SP Mixer - #CEGS2350

* Specify voltage at time of order. Subject to availability.