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Bullnose Edge Trimming System Print


  • Automates previously time-consuming finishing process for substantial time savings
  • Follows contours of top surface for uniform bullnose profile across entire length.
  • Prevents narrowing when used on bowed or warped decks.
Trim Saw Top View

The saw with built-in guide (above), and table accessory item (below).

Saw with Table Accessory

This system simplifies trimming of bullnose edges on decks of all sizes, and produces straight, machine cuts that minimize labor costs for this operation.

Using it is simple. Set the deck on the trim table, with the bullnose edges hanging over.

Position the saw with the guide attachment on the deck surface, and trim the excess bullnose edge flash material off along an entire surface. Repeat on each side.

The finished deck requires minimal cleanup afterwards with a simple sanding block to smooth any remaining protrusions.

The Bullnose Edge Trimming System from Gruber will produce better cuts in a fraction of the time – saving you time and money!

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Bullnose Edge Trimming System in Action