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Gruber offers an extensive range of tunnels, booths and rooms - for a variety of cast polymer (cultured marble, solid surface) and other and composites applications.

Gelcoat Spray Booths


Gelcoat Spray Booth

The Gelcoat Spray Booth is designed specifically for the application of gelcoat to molds. Utilizing an advanced filtration system and blower, the Gelcoat Spray Booth virtually eliminates gelcoat vapors from the shop, creating a healthier, safer and more environmentally-friendly work place.

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Gel Coat Spray Systems

Gelcoat Cure Tunnels


Gelcoat Curing Tunnel

Gelcoat curing heat tunnel system is an excellent way to accelerate the cure time for gelcoated molds. Utilizing a heater and blower to move warm air across the surface of molds, curing times can be cut by more than 50% as compared to open air curing.

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Variable Speed Gelcoat Tunnel

The Gruber Variable Speed Gelcoat Tunnel Conveyor system (or VSGT) provides precise and automatic movement of molds  through the gelcoat curing process. By automatically moving the molds through the tunnel, labor associated with moving molds can  be reduced and precise gelcoat cure times can be obtained.

Post Cure Heat Room

The Post Cure Heat Room is designed to accelerate the complete polymerization (curing) of solid surface panels prior to finishing.

Grind Booths with Cartridge-Style Dust Collection Modules


Grind Booth with Cartridge Dust Collection System

SOF-DustCollector100This Gruber Grind Booth incorporates the newest sensation in dust collection - the innovative Cartridge Dust Collection System. This grind booth features a low-maintenance, user-friendly dust collection system.