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Gruber offers thousands of products to the manufacturers of products incorporating composites, and in particular, manufacturing equipment, molds, materials and supplies for manufacturers of cultured marble, solid surface, and engineered stone products for the home and commercial construction and remodel markets.

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Composites Processing Equipment

Equipment for the manufacturing of Cultured Marble,
Solid Surface, Engineered Stone and other Composites

and more!


Application-specific mold collections:

Fiberglass Molds

for Cultured Marble, Solid Surface and other Cast Polymer Casting

Vanity Decks - Modular and "No Bowl"

and much more!



Seamless™ Solid Surface Adhesive

Now a Marshall-Gruber Supplies product line



Granatex® Granite Effect Fillers

Solid Surface fillers: blended and chips

Now a Marshall-Gruber Supplies product line

Select from these material families:

GTX200    GTX250    GTX350   GTX351    GTX400    GTX500   

GTX501    GTX600    GTX700    GTX701


Whirlpool Kits, Kit Components, Supplies & Accessories

Now a Marshall-Gruber Supplies product line

Gruber has 25 years experience supplying installers, plumbers, do-it-yourselfers and kitchen and bath product manufacturers with high quality, highly reliable Duraflo™ whirlpool bath systems, kits and components. With our complete selection of systems, kits and components, we have just what you need to install new, or update, repair or replace an existing whirlpool bathing tub.

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Whirlpool Kits Pumps Heaters Jets Capsets Suction On/Off Control Air Flow Control
Hose & Tubing
PVC Fittings Tools and Accessories




Supplies, Tools and Accessories

Now a Marshall-Gruber Supplies product line

See them here, or visit the Marshall-Gruber Supplies website

Cultured Marble Manufacturing
Solid Surface Fabrication
Engineered Stone
Composites Manufacturing
Plus, products for Engineered and Natural Stone and
other manufacturing and fabrication needs!