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Standard Exchange Carts Print
  • Single or Double Wide

Application: Standard Exchange Carts are a convenient way to transfer molds either before or after the casting process, from one line of conveyor to another.

Description: Both Standard Exchange Carts feature heavy duty steel construction, galvanized steel wheelway utilizing steel skate conveyor wheels, easy rolling v-groove wheels, and durable powdercoating for easy cleanup and protection.


Single Wide Standard Exchange Cart


Double Wide Standard Exchange Cart

The Single Wide Standard Exchange cart is available in either 10 foot or 12 foot lengths, and the Double Wide Exchange Cart is available in both 12 and 13’ lengths.

- Height           2’-4” (28”) to top of wheelway
- Width           2’-0” (24”)
- Length          10’-0” (120”) to 12’-0” (144”)
Wheel Depth     3’-0” (36”)
Wheel Base     6’-0” (72”)
- Width              20-1/8” wheel center to wheel center

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Order Information
Cat. No. Description
Single Wide Standard Exchange Carts
083078 Single Wide Standard Exchange Cart - 10’
083079 Single Wide Standard Exchange Cart - 12’
Double Wide Standard Exchange Carts
083079D Double Wide Standard Exchange Cart - 12’
0830791 Double Wide Standard Exchange Cart - 13’
083090 Standard V-Groove caster
083087 Cart Track, 10”
162390 Cart Track Stops
110039 Standard Steel Wheelway Wheel w/ Nut and Bearing
CESTDCART Crate  - Standard Exchange Cart