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Polymer Concrete Print

Polymer Concrete casting has historically utilized labor-intensive batch mixing systems, and laborious manual casting to manufacture polymer concrete cast parts for a wide variety of industries and applications. Gruber Systems' Autocaster™ Ultra/PC continuous casting machine and other factory automation equipment significantly improve your throughput, while at the same time reducing your cost, and improving cast part consistency and quality.

Polymer Concrete is used by a variety of industries and applications - including infrastructure projects, construction, municipalities, utilities, pulp and paper, chemical processing, metal refining, pump manufacturing, food processing, service stations, fast food, retail and more!


Shown above is an Autocaster Ultra/PC (Polymer Concrete) continuous casting system, flanked by two Gruber Ground Hoppers - a Belt Drive Abrasive Filler/Large Aggregate Ground Hopper (at left), and a Standard Fine-Particle Ground Hopper (behind the Autocaster).

Advantages Compared to traditional concrete casting

Compared to portland cement, polymer concrete offers significant mechanical advantages - including much higher minimum compressive strength, much higher minimum tensile strength, much higher minimum bending strength, much lower maximum moisture absorption, and much higher freeze-thaw cycles.

Gruber manufactures automated manufacturing solutions for polymer concrete casting applications:

Continuous Casting Equipment

The Autocaster Ultra/PC (Polymer Concrete edition) is a polymer concrete mixing system that produces a continuous flow of polymer concrete matrix by metering unbroken flows of raw materials into a high efficiency mix auger. It offers significant savings in labor, raw materials, and improved quality.


Autocaster Ultra P/C (for polymer concrete) continuous casting system

Automated blending and casting of polymer concrete matrix for production environments.

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Bulk Filler Handling Equipment

Our Polymer Concrete Ground Hoppers automate the transfer of fillers and aggregates used in polymer concrete matrix, from fine particle fillers such as calcium carbonate to extremely large-diameter aggregates such as stones or gravel often used in polymer concrete applications. Our Bulk Filler Handling equipment works in conjunction with our Autocaster continuous casting machine to reduce labor costs, improves production efficiencies, and reduce waste (thus reducing material cost).


new Belt Drive Abrasive Filler/Large Aggregate Ground Hopper

Shown with optional Bulk Bag Suspender Frame

Durable heavy-duty, cleated rubber belt construction for handling the largest or most abrasive fillers (typically large aggregates).

Large Aggregate Ground Hopper

for larger aggregates

Small Aggregate Ground Hopper

for small aggregate

Standard Fine Particle Ground Hopper

for Calcium Carbonate and other fine- to medium-size particle size fillers.

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Bulk Bag Suspender Frames

The optional Bulk Bag Suspender Frame allows the option of mounting larger, more economical bulk bags (“Super Sacks”) with Gruber’s Ground Hopper™ bulk solids conveyors. Using large bulk bags reduce interruptions during the manufacturing process, and reduces labor costs normally associated with manual loading of a metering or feed hopper – particularly when compared to manual loading of smaller bulk material bags.

Bulk Bag Roller Conveyor

Bulk bag conveyors facilitate the movement and storage of pallets containing bulk bags (super sacks) from a forklift access point to a Bulk Bag Gantry (also available separately). Conveyors are heavy duty 2” diameter, 12-gauge galvanized steel rollers; with roll-formed heavy-gauge galvanized steel channels. Channels are reinforced laterally with cross-braces. Conveyor are secured to the floor (mounting hardware is included).

Bulk Bag Gantry

Bulk Bags Gantries are most commonly used with automated casting or batching systems like Gruber’s Autocaster continuous casting machine to supply continuous streams of filler materials for continuous operation. The Bulk Bag Gantry is used to lift a bulk bag from a pallet and suspend it over the ground hopper.

In addition, Gruber offers a entire line of conveyor systems as well as exchange carts, cranes and gantries to fully equip your polymer concrete factory.


Gruber Automation Advantages:

  • Replaces manual mixing of polymer matrix
  • Up to 250 lbs./min. matrix production (with optional high output auger upgrade)
  • Recipe based matrix control with on the fly adjustments
  • Integrated resin heating system
  • High efficiency mixer with hardened steel mixing auger
  • Modular base-color systems with removable base color pumps
  • “On-line” diagnostic option
  • “Rapid access” barrel
  • Multiple hopper configurations
  • Integrated recirculating cleaning system
  • Increase production without adding labor for lower product cost and increased margins.
  • Reduce resin costs
  • Complete matrix control for consistency of output.
  • Improved casting quality.
  • Greatly reduced defective casting rates.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce material use with lowered resin requirements and reduced scrap
  • Real-time accounting for material usage
  • Rapid remote diagnostics and technical support to limit down-time.
  • Quick changeout augers limits downtime.
  • Rapid cleanup; quick turnaround

Gruber systems provides a large variety of complimentary process control automation products for your polymer concrete manufacturing requirements, including:

  • Continuous casting technologies
  • Metering and Dispensing Systems
  • Mixing and Blending equipment
  • Conveyors and Carts
  • Cranes and Gantries
  • Tunnels, booths and rooms
  • Molds and tooling
  • A complete line of supplies and accessories

Gruber offers a range of standard molds, as well as custom molds for polymer concrete casting. Master tooling or prototype tooling design and production services. Supply Gruber with your design, and we can produce CNC master tools, molds and mold accessories to your specifications.

Gruber has developed a specific polymer concrete capable Ground Hopper that allows convenient bulk filler handling, metering and processing of filler materials which are then conveyed mechanically to the overhead hoppers on the continuous casting system.

Gruber offers years of process experience, systems integration experience, mold making and other technical expertise that can provide you with the fastest, lowest cost plant design and implementation possible. Contact Gruber for more information about manufacturing polymer concrete products!