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Bulk Bag Suspender Frame Print


The optional Bulk Bag Suspender Frame allows the option of mounting larger, more economical bulk bags (“Super Sacks”) above Gruber’s Ground Hopper™ bulk solids conveyors.  Mounting large bulk bags reduce interruptions during the manufacturing process, and reduces labor costs normally associated with manual loading of a metering or feed hopper – particularly when compared to manual loading of smaller bulk material bags.  Automation of the bulk material handling system also results in a cleaner, safer working environment and more efficient manufacturing workflow.

A number of other accessories are offered to further automate delivery and positioning of bulk solids – including powdered, granular or other bulk ingredients – such as calcium carbonate and other “difficult” materials. A forklift is generally used to load super sacks into position*, but we also offer other material loading and positioning options, including Bulk Bag Gantries and Roller Conveyors to provide a number of possible material loading configurations.





  • Designed to sit above a Gruber Ground Hopper, and allows positioning of a super sack for drainage into the Ground Hopper
  • Adjustable hook height (adjust the hooks to adjust the precise bulk bag height)
  • 4 way forklift entry for easy positioning of super sacks (pick up the frame from all four sides with integrated forklift channels)
  • The entire can be dropped to ground for bulk bag loading (with a forklift)
  • Rated for maximum 2500 lb bulk bags

* Note: Requires fork lift access to lift super sacks into position.


At Right: Shown with Bulk Bag mounted in the Bulk Bag Suspender Frame.


Order Information:
Bulk Bag Suspender Frame - #150160
Bulk Bag Support - Freestanding - #0831516
Crate - Bulk Bag Suspender Frame - #CEBBS



Note: There is another way of lifting and positioning a bulk bag above a Ground Hopper. See details on the Bulk Bag Gantry, including its Bulk Bag Suspender