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Vibration Tables (Vibe Tables) Print

Provides uniform vibration of cast polymer matrix to effectively fill air voids during the casting process

Vibe Tables are essential shop equipment to help fill all voids in a mold during casting. As the mold is being filled, the Vibe Table vibrates, settling uncured matrix to completely fill the mold. This is a must-have for any cultured marble or solid surface manufacturer!

Vibe Table Features:

  • Heavy-duty steel construction

  • Galvanized steel wheelway with stainless steel, low-rattle bearing wheels and heavy-duty bushings to isolate the vibration to the table-top and away from the table frame.

  • Adjustable leveling feet to assure level matrix pours.

  • Available in standard 10' (3.048m) or 12' (3.657m) lengths, but can be produced in custom lengths and widths to suit customer requirements.

  • Available in basic pneumatic vibrator-equipped base model, or more durable and preferred electric models. Electric models are available in either single-phase (1Ø) or 3-phase (3Ø) versions. Note: 3-phase is recommended for maximum durability and longevity.

  • Durable welded steel frame is powder coated for years of protection and easy cleaning..

  • Standard equipment includes an On/Off Ball Valve and Standard Pneumatic hook-ups to connect directly to your shop's compressed air line.



    Complete Tables

    Basic Pneumatic Vibrator-equipped Model


    Our standard basic table, and least expensive table!


    This table includes a pneumatic vibrator. Recommended for the smallest shops, or for infrequent use. If you are casting frequently, we recommend an electric vibe table (below).

    12' Vibe Table, w/ Pneumatic Vibrator - #083081

    10' Vibe Table, w/ Pneumatic Vibrator - #083080

    Electric Vibration Tables, 3-phase (3Ø)


    12 Foot Model Shown

    This heavier-duty 3-Phase Vibrator Table is designed for higher production requirements typical in a cultured marble or solid surface manufacturing facility, and offers increased longevity compared to the basic pneumatic model shown above.

    The table is equipped standard with a Three Phase Electric Vibrator, with belt-driven counter-weights.

    Choose from 10 or 12 foot length tables:

    Order Information:

    • 10', Vibe Table with 3-Phase (3Ø) Electric Vibrator - #0831018

    • 12' Vibe Table with 3-Phase (3Ø) Electric Vibrator - #0831019

    Electric Vibration Table with Roller Top


    12', 3-phase electric powered Vibe Table with roller conveyor to be 19.5"

    This Vibe Table is equipped with a powerful 3-phase electric vibrator.


    12' Vibe Table with 3-Phase (3Ø) Electric Vibrator - #162194


    Crating (required with purchase)

    Vibe Table Crate - #CEVIBTBL


    Height (to top of wheelway): 28” (71.12 cm)
    Width 24” (61 cm)
    Length 120” - 144” (304.8 - 365.76 cm)
    Wheelway (wheel center to wheel center):
    Width 20-1/8” (51.12 cm)
    Pneumatic Vibrator (@20 psi):
    PSI required to Start 25 PSI (1.75 kg/cm²)
    Vibrations Per Minute (VPM) 3,200
    Force 255 lb-force (115.6 kg-force)
    Flow 9 CFM (0.25 m³/minute)
    Electric Vibrator (220/440 volt, 3Ø, 60hz. @ 10% setting)
    Vibrations per Minute 3,456 VPM
    Pounds of force 230 LB
    Full load current 1.26 / .69 Amps
    Starting current 9.8 / 4.9 Amps


    Replacement Parts and Accessories

    Replacement Vibe table wheel assembly w/nut and bearing
    Wheelway assembly for 12’ vibrator table
    Support Feet (Painted)


    At left:
    Replacement Pneumatic Vibrator (#41)
    At right:
    Replacement Muffler for #41 Pneumatic Vibrator


    Electric Vibrator - (new type)
    Electric Vibrator (old type) - no longer available


    Vibrator Bushing (New Style)
    Vibrator Bushing (Old Style)
    For OLD Style Pneumatic Vibe Table, 1-1/4" X 2-1/2" -
    Note: Kit includes 8 pieces


    Black Vibrator Bushing
    Vibe table hose assembly
    3' (0.914m) - #0830828
    5' (1.524m) - #0830834


    * Note: Electric vibrator configuration. 220/440 volt, 3Ø, 60hz. @ 10Amps. Tables should be hardwired by a qualified electrician to meet your local electrical codes. Additional controls may be necessary to meet your local regulations. Any additional requirements needed to deem this equipment operational will be obtained by buyer at buyers expense.