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Bulk Filler Handling Systems Print

Automated, precise bulk material handling of powders, granules and aggregates.

Application: Bulk filler handling systems can be integrated with either an Autocaster automatic casting machine or a Batchmaster batching and metering system to reduce the labor associated with filling the metering hoppers. Depending upon the manufacturer’s requirements, the systems can accommodate with either bulk bags (super sacks) or individual bags of filler - including lightweight fillers. The systems typically include a ground hopper for storing and conveying the filler to the metering hoppers and handling systems for supporting and moving the bulk bags when these are being used. Bulk filler handling systems can be integrated with your process or batching system to reduce labor, improve efficiencies, aid in material cost control, and potentially lower overhead costs.

Gruber System’s Ground Hoppers are available for a variety of bulk filler handling applications:

Gruber Systems' manufacturers a variety of Ground Hoppers:.


Standard Ground Hopper

Manual operation or automatic feed for casting machines


Self-Metering Ground Hopper

Volumetric-based, with PLC control for accurate, automated metering


Pneumatic Ground Hopper

Pneumatic pump driven Transport system for lightweight materials (shown with optional Bulk Bag Suspender)



Front view of Autocaster Continous casting machine with Ground Hopper equipped with a Bulk Bag Suspender and Bulk Bag.



Side view of Autocaster machine with Ground Hopper positioned behind the Autocaster.