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MasterCast ADA Floating Bowl Mold Print

ADA-compliant bowl - designed for use by the physically impaired


  • Shallow bowl depth offers improved usability and convenience for disabled persons - especially with limited mobility.

  • Shallow bowl allows improved wheelchair access (see diagram opposite side) to bowl.


  • Remodeling for the disabled and/or elderly or others with limited mobility

  • Hospitals/ Managed Care/Convalescent Facilities

  • Hospitality (Hotels/Motels, Inns)

  • Publicly accessible bathrooms (Resturants, Commercial, etc.)


Vanity deck cross-section.   

Must Reads on the MasterCast ADA bowl mold development:

Spec Sheet (Drawing)

View/Download Product Bulletin on the MasterCast ADA Bowl Mold




Front cross-section of showing the shallow profile of the MasterCast ADA bowl. This shallow depth bowl provides easy, convenient wheelchair access under the vanity.


Top view, showing an typical cut-out profile. Note the grab bar style ADA support grips on the front and left side of the vanity deck, as well as additional supply line access area on the right for a hand-held water faucet. These additional features were added to help provide a very usable lavatory experience for disabled or physically impaired users.

Optional Grab Bar Speedy Plugs

Easily and quickly add cast-in grab bars on any deck edge for ADA and other applications!

Two Grab Bar speedy plugs are available as options, so you can cast in one or more handles into any vanity deck intended for ADA or other applications.

This mold insert is easy to use. Just position the bottom half onto a deck mold surface, in the position you want the handle to be, and adhere it with double sided tape or wax. Then, position the upper half on the lower half, by setting it down onto the two alignment pins (see lower half below). Gelcoat your mold like usual. Cast to the height of the top surface of the joined pair, then after the deck casting has cured, simply lift the upper half away from the casting. When you demold the deck casting, the lower half will remain in position on the mold, and can be lifted away and stored until the next use. Easy and convenient!

Shown at left - 10" length Grab Bar Speedy Plug Set (top and bottom piece as shown make up one set)

Order Information:
Two lengths available:
8" Grab Bar Speedy Plug - #01493
10" Grab Bar Speedy Plug - #01494


Order Information

Notice: Gruber Systems is donating a portion of the proceeds of the sale of each MasterCast ADA Bowl Mold.
Description/Order Number
  • Male - MasterCast ADA Floating Bowl Mold with Overflow - #26454*
  • Female Fiberglass -F-ADA 13.54 x 14.33 Floating Bowl with Overflow - #464548

* This mold is available in either Metamold or Vinyl Ester finish. For Metamold, add an "M" to the end of the part number. For Vinyl Ester, add a "V" to the end of the part number. Learn the difference.

Grab Bar Speedy Plug Sets (shown above)

  • 8" Grab Bar Speedy Plug - #01493
  • 10" Grab Bar Speedy Plug - #01494